It’s Been A While…

Posted April 19, 2014 by greenocool
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Hi everyone. I think you’re already thinking about me. For a long time probably. It’s regarding my absence from YouTube, my blog and most importantly – Club Penguin. I haven’t quit (mostly) is the first thing I’d like to say. While I don’t go on CP regularly and only visit it from time to time, I haven’t forgotten the game and still enjoy it from time to time. I used to enjoy it a lot more two years ago, or even one year ago, or even 8 months ago. I think you understand how I feel about it now. Not that it isn’t important anymore – it still is to a certain extent, just not the same as it once was. I found out that there are more important things and more interesting things than playing in a virtual community online with people from all around the world. And that was the same thing but in real life.

You’ll get to this point somewhere in your life where you’ll get to the conclusion that achieving badges or things of a similar kind online doesn’t change anything (absolutely anything) in the real world you’re living in now. Kind of depressing since you’ve probably wasted the last 2 if not more years of your life playing something where you didn’t achieve everything you wanted (just part of it for example) but even though you knew it, you continued and continued to waste your time because hope keeps the fire burning! I probably sound funny speaking in that matter about a bunch of pixels on the net, but believe me – it’s much more than that to some people. It was much more than that to me when I first discovered the game.

And what happened afterwards? Things started coming one after another. First just playing for fun, then there’s videos, a YT channel, views, subs, fans, videos, more subs, more views, a personal desire for fame and glory, a banned account, a return after 5 months, more vids, another ban, hacking, trying to be the best and all kinds of pointless shit. (Sorry for the bad words, but in this moment I notice that there’s no freaking way to censor my words with this new keyboard I bought the other day from the corner store…)

As you might have guessed it, yup, that’s my story up there in a few short sentences. I’m a bit mad now, I feel like I’ve left myself go, like I did nothing in all those years of video making and posting, like I’ve let myself down and last but not least – the fans down. The fans. The most important part of my whole career. The thing that got me going and moving toward my goals, the thing that gave me ideas and told me how to use them, the thing that inspired me and wanted me to improve; the thing that made me that what I am now.

And while for some people, the things I’ve covered in this post are probably bullshit (sorry once again) well I do hope that there are still people (or penguins) out there who think otherwise! If you really believe me and know what I\ve went through to get here, please do share this post and don’t forget to drop a comment in sign of respect. Everyone can make a mistake, but as long as they fix it soon enough, it’s never too late.

Thank you once again everyone. This is Green signing off for now.


Episode 4 of ”Pizza Penguin” is delayed

Posted September 20, 2013 by greenocool
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Hi penguins. This has GOT to be the most intensive week so far in September for me… I started school this Monday. We didn’t have any classes, but then we started an intensive course on Tuesday and that’s going to happen every day of this year! I am learning a new language (German) which has similarities to English, which is good. But it’s also not that easy, because its grammar and vocabulary are much much harder! 😀

But I hope I’ll get somewhere… maybe sometime in the near future. But what about Club Penguin? Well, yeah – a new party started yesterday! It was the Medieval Party 2013 and I am pretty sure some of the old penguins in the game (like me) would remember pretty clearly that this party was actually held in May traditionally. The tradition (unfortunately) was not completed this year and I guess the party’s on now in the game.

But it’s pretty cool and I’m lovin’ it so far. Good job Club Penguin Team! You guys, my fans, can also expect videos associated with the party coming soon. Maybe it’s time for a new movie? Or maybe a music video? Haven’t made those in a while, that’s for sure.

I don’t know yet. But what I do know is that ”Pizza Penguin” 4 is out. It was delayed by 2 days due to obvious reasons (read first paragraph of the post again). 😉


I will see everyone later when I’m online again! See you soon and don’t forget to subscribe and follow me as usual…


Upcoming CP series and shows… what happened (so far)?

Posted September 15, 2013 by greenocool
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Hello guys! Does anyone of you happen to remember this post which I am about to discuss right now? To be more clear, it’s still on my site; but you have to scroll a lot down the page to see it. It was posted August 22, 2013. One month is going to pass since the date in a week.

As you can see, September is halfway over already… there are 15 more days until the end of this month. When October 2013 comes, things will start getting a bit more complicated as the school year will begin for me (big time) and I won’t have as much time to update this blog, nor my YouTube channel, nor my Twitter – you get the point! But that doesn’t mean I’ll just retire suddenly and abandon all my future (and current) projects! I’m sure it doesn’t. Here’s a link by the way:

And the thing is the following: how many things can I mark as ”done” or ”completed” on the list of the same post? For now, just one actually. That thing is ”Pizza Penguin” Season One. It premiered! That’s progress and I am very proud of my work so far. But what about the other two things for this month? The first one is a brand new show – ”Ask Green” Season One. Just keep in mind while reading that in order to check something on the list it must atleast premiere!

The news are official and the title says it all – it’s going to include the fans and their questions for me (Green). That’s obvious. But the second thing is just a second part of a movie I haven’t finished yet. The files on my computer from that period of the making were deleted. This means I’ll have to shoot the second part of ”Return of the Rockhopper Penguins” all alone again! Really tiring process as I think of it now, but it must happen. Someone has to do the job here. The official premiere date is not going to be announced as it is not likely that this will happen exactly then. I also don’t want to disappoint people. And the pilot episode of ”Ask Green” will be somewhere about the 22nd or 23rd September this year. 😀

This is all the exclusive information you get for taking the time to read this post guys! The other stuff on the list will premiere when the time for them comes… Until then, waddle on!



”Pizza Penguin” Episode 3 out now!

Posted September 15, 2013 by greenocool
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Hi penguins. I have two announcements for you today…

The first one is related to the fact that the 3rd episode of ”Pizza Penguin” is released (pretty fast, huh?) and that you can watch it here on the site too! By scrolling down this page as usual. Thanks for all the feedback given in the past 2 episodes! I’m already working on the 4th one and it’s coming out tomorrow! I’m trying to make as many as I can before the school year starts (that happens tomorrow in my country). 😀


And the second thing now is kind-of related to fact number one and it’s not half as important to you, but the first season of the new show has its own playlist at my channel on YouTube! If you missed out something, you can always find it there! Here’s a link:

Please don’t forget to like the playlist of the show, comment by giving ideas for the next episode and subscribe (pretty please)! Thanks once again for reading this post and visiting my site everyone.



”Happy” Friday the 13th today!

Posted September 13, 2013 by greenocool
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Hey penguins! Do you know what day is it today? It’s Friday the 13th of course! It’s not really something to be happy about (if you believe in the rumours that is)! I personally don’t believe in the bad luck of this day, however due to the fact that many people mention it; I am ”forced” to feel some kind of pressure when I have to talk about it or write about it.

And let’s not talk about making videos about it! Speaking of that, the newest Green video (or the latest, you pick) can be found by scrolling down the page. It’s fairly shorter than last year’s because I remembered it was Friday the 13th just today… But it’s still something to be proud of. And unlike last year’s video, this one is supposed to be a bit more funny and not quite as adventurous as the other one.


P. S. – For the people who are a bit new to ”Green Productions” or just missed it, I recommend you watch last year’s clip made about the same day. It doesn’t have anything to do with this year’s, but it’s still nice! 😀



The second episode of ”Pizza Penguin” is here!

Posted September 13, 2013 by greenocool
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Hey guys. Since you gave me feedback for my previous (and pilot) episode of my comedy show ”Pizza Penguin” I’ve been wokrin’ on improving the second one. It’s finally out now and you can watch it if you want on YouTube! Check it out by scrolling below everyone… Thanks for all the subscribers by the way! 😀

I want to announce before showing you the video, that I currently have more than a 1700 subscribers on YouTube and in terms of views – over 345 000 which is really an amazing number for me personally.



How many times has Greenocool quit for now?

Posted September 11, 2013 by greenocool
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Hello penguins. I didn’t really know what to post about today, so I decided to make a small statistic and review the number of times I’ve quit my YouTube channel, my Blog and possibly my Twitter, too. The reasons (if I remember) will also be listed at the same time. Okay, here we go… 😀

1. YouTube

If you’ve been with me since atleast a year and a half, then there’s no possible chance you’d forget about the time I got banned in Club Penguin on my old account. He was called Greenocool10 and he would be quite old today if he still existed. He was registered on December 31, 2009 and banned on March 4, 2011. I am not sure how I still remember these dates but it was a fact (and it still is).

I got a bit depressed and sad, so I quit YouTube and Club Penguin for a few months – from March 2011 until June 2011 to be exact. My membership was renewed during the Music Jam the same year, so I started posting videos again. The second big time was the same year… September 2011. The date? September 12. The reasons are still not very clear, but in April 2012 I got back in a very interesting way. I tried logging in my account again. The email I entered wasn’t correct. It showed me (however) how the actual email ended. I was able to find the site and get in. I quickly changed the password as fast as I could. I had more than 200 messages in my inbox by the way. 😀

The other reasons I quit YouTube are because of the school year. I am really busy during that time and can’t really post new videos much, interact with the fans and etc. During 2012 and some months of 2013 I wasn’t very active. I did manage to post some videos and movies that penguins liked, but their number wasn’t good enough both for me and the fans…

Times: 4 (2 big and 2 small)


2. Blog

Considering you’re now reading this post on the blog and you’ve seen the last one 2 days ago, I still haven’t quit and I’m active right now – this is a conclusion you might make. But to be honest, there were really periods where it was for certain that I wasn’t posting. I couldn’t fake it or do something about it, haha. And I think that the first one was in 2011. From March 2011 until August 2011 I posted almost nothing. That’s obviously linked to the ban of my account in Club Penguin but also due to the fact that I forgot the password for this place. I created a second one in the meantime, which is now becoming a Greenocool fan site. All the previous posts were deleted.

When I got back here, I was quite happy but it didn’t last for long. Only a month later (in September 2011) I lost my YT account, so I had to quit for a while and find something better to do. I spent the time (until April 2012) in sites like Newgrounds, Yahoo!Answers, etc. You get the picture. I was also busy with the work in school at the time. Ok. In Nobember 2012, I wasn’t very active and this time due to health issues in real life (I have panic disorder by the way)… I didn’t post a single thing in November, nor December. YouTube wasn’t very updated either then. I quit in February 2013 because I got bored once again. That’s why I came back last month (August 2013) and I made lots of post. Which is pretty cool. I hope you really like them, but now: let’s count the times.

Times: 4 (3 big and 1 small)


3. Twitter

No offence to my fans and followers on Twitter, but I don’t usually visit that place or update it for that matter. I guess I might skip that one for now… But just thought you know that my Twitter account was created back in December 2010, when I didn’t have that much to do. I made YouTube videos and updated my Twitter. I also had this blog but didn’t update it as often. Plus, it was all about cheats and ”illegal stuff” back then. 😉

Don’t forget to follow my blog please! Also, check out the new and updated Greenocool Fan Site here: