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Episode 4 of ”Pizza Penguin” is delayed

September 20, 2013

Hi penguins. This has GOT to be the most intensive week so far in September for me… I started school this Monday. We didn’t have any classes, but then we started an intensive course on Tuesday and that’s going to happen every day of this year! I am learning a new language (German) which has similarities to English, which is good. But it’s also not that easy, because its grammar and vocabulary are much much harder! 😀

But I hope I’ll get somewhere… maybe sometime in the near future. But what about Club Penguin? Well, yeah – a new party started yesterday! It was the Medieval Party 2013 and I am pretty sure some of the old penguins in the game (like me) would remember pretty clearly that this party was actually held in May traditionally. The tradition (unfortunately) was not completed this year and I guess the party’s on now in the game.

But it’s pretty cool and I’m lovin’ it so far. Good job Club Penguin Team! You guys, my fans, can also expect videos associated with the party coming soon. Maybe it’s time for a new movie? Or maybe a music video? Haven’t made those in a while, that’s for sure.

I don’t know yet. But what I do know is that ”Pizza Penguin” 4 is out. It was delayed by 2 days due to obvious reasons (read first paragraph of the post again). 😉


I will see everyone later when I’m online again! See you soon and don’t forget to subscribe and follow me as usual…



”Pizza Penguin” Episode 3 out now!

September 15, 2013

Hi penguins. I have two announcements for you today…

The first one is related to the fact that the 3rd episode of ”Pizza Penguin” is released (pretty fast, huh?) and that you can watch it here on the site too! By scrolling down this page as usual. Thanks for all the feedback given in the past 2 episodes! I’m already working on the 4th one and it’s coming out tomorrow! I’m trying to make as many as I can before the school year starts (that happens tomorrow in my country). 😀


And the second thing now is kind-of related to fact number one and it’s not half as important to you, but the first season of the new show has its own playlist at my channel on YouTube! If you missed out something, you can always find it there! Here’s a link:

Please don’t forget to like the playlist of the show, comment by giving ideas for the next episode and subscribe (pretty please)! Thanks once again for reading this post and visiting my site everyone.



”Happy” Friday the 13th today!

September 13, 2013

Hey penguins! Do you know what day is it today? It’s Friday the 13th of course! It’s not really something to be happy about (if you believe in the rumours that is)! I personally don’t believe in the bad luck of this day, however due to the fact that many people mention it; I am ”forced” to feel some kind of pressure when I have to talk about it or write about it.

And let’s not talk about making videos about it! Speaking of that, the newest Green video (or the latest, you pick) can be found by scrolling down the page. It’s fairly shorter than last year’s because I remembered it was Friday the 13th just today… But it’s still something to be proud of. And unlike last year’s video, this one is supposed to be a bit more funny and not quite as adventurous as the other one.


P. S. – For the people who are a bit new to ”Green Productions” or just missed it, I recommend you watch last year’s clip made about the same day. It doesn’t have anything to do with this year’s, but it’s still nice! 😀



The second episode of ”Pizza Penguin” is here!

September 13, 2013

Hey guys. Since you gave me feedback for my previous (and pilot) episode of my comedy show ”Pizza Penguin” I’ve been wokrin’ on improving the second one. It’s finally out now and you can watch it if you want on YouTube! Check it out by scrolling below everyone… Thanks for all the subscribers by the way! 😀

I want to announce before showing you the video, that I currently have more than a 1700 subscribers on YouTube and in terms of views – over 345 000 which is really an amazing number for me personally.



Pizza Penguin Episode One is here!

September 9, 2013

Hello guys. I am very proud to present to you today the first episode of my new show – a comedy show in ”Green Productions”. I mentioned it a few days ago but I guess there’s no need now. The title says it all folks! The pilot episode of ”Pizza Penguin” is here. I really hope you like it, although it’s not intended to be (very) funny. Here it is… 😀

Please give me feedback by posting comments on it, rating it, etc. Please share it and subscribe to me if you like it! I am going to post one or two more posts today so be on the look-out.



Working on ”Pizza Penguin” Season One has started!

September 2, 2013

Hello. Just a quick update from Green. This can’t really be considered a post or anything, because it’s not very long; I am just announcing to you that the Season One of the new show in ”Green Productions” – ”Pizza Penguin” is in the making. Not the whole season will be made at once, but I guarantee you that the first and second episodes are to premiere! 😀

Oh, and just to make this a bit longer. I’ve decided to post a video not many of you guys might remember. It was back 1 year ago…



Club Penguin – Red Lei Justice!

August 31, 2013

Hello penguins. This is me with a very serious post for you today. It’s on a topic I haven’t posted anything about in quite a while. When and where there isn’t justice, there should be! What do you guys think? I will be more specific…

We are talking about a case here, concerning the ”Hawaiian Lei” in Club Penguin; more frequently known (and referred to) as the Red Lei. Just a little general information on the subject can be seen in the Club Penguin Wikia here:

Okay, now we’ll get to the harder bit. The part where justice should be served. You can watch the video or just read the story below it. It’s your choice really, but the video summarizes it – while the text gives the full information about the event.

  • On Monday August 19th, 2013, one of the rarest Club Penguin items from 2006 was mysteriously added to select players inventories who attended Tato Maxx’s Birthday party, which was held on the 16th. Tato Maxx is one of Club penguin’s team members and while the party was advertised, there were no mention of any gifts. In fact, this is the first time any items have been given out at a team member’s party. Team members usually only give out postcards, not inventory items and certainly not rare items.
  • Hope was not lost until CP support informed anyone who e-mailed them over it that CP had no plans of giving out anymore Red leis and that it was a gift from Tato Maxx. Players hoped that CP would make things right and have it available at the ”Teen Beach Movie Takeover party” which started on the 22nd. Instead, what was found was a cheap imitation which players can get on the 26th.
  • Club Penguin’s CEO recently tweeted about drama in the CP community and if they want less drama, this certainly isn’t the way to get it. The community is very upset by this and it has caused a lot of hurt. Hurt by some other players who are bragging and showing off the lei. Also hurt that such a rare item was just given away so randomly and to a select few.
  • The biggest cause for hurt here is clearly Club Penguin for putting the community in this situation in the first place. All we want is an equal opportunity to have this rare item. The petition means no disrespect to Club Penguin or any of it’s team members, the community loves Club Penguin! We as loyal players just want to be treated fairly.


Please sign this petition if you believe Club Penguin should in fact give ALL its players an equal opportunity to get this wonderful rare item! We all should be able to have and enjoy this item now during the ”Teen Beach Movie takeover”.


Thanks for reading this post! Here’s the link to the petition: