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October 12, 2012

Hey guys! Checked my last post yet? I talked a bit about the new character in Club Penguin – Gariwald VIII, Gary the Gadget Guy’s great uncle! I’ve managed to find some interesting trivia and information about him on the official Club Penguin Wiki.

Here you go guys! For the ones who are interested on the topic:

  • He is Gary’s great uncle, the uncle of either one of his parents.
  • Gariwald’s Coffin is heavily protected and locked. His coffin is placed in front of his huge portrait.
  • As Sensei says that he arrived in Club Penguin Island before other penguins arrived, that means Sensei is possibly older than Gariwald VIII himself.
  • He has a Puffle with him, and it could possibly be white. But the name of the puffle is still unknown.
  • If he does indeed have a White Puffle, White Puffles were discovered in 2009, so this may mean that he may have died sometime after 2009 or white puffles were around before we discovered them and he found them.
  • In all the sneak peek videos,he has the old aqua color, a possible new color yet to come to the game for all players.
  • He has a Twitter Account but many people say it’s not made by The Club Penguin Team – a question that needs more investigation.
  • You can see his ghost in the Ghost Lab even without the Ghost Goggles.
  • He is a light blue in his sprite but a light brown in his pictures.


Gariwald VIII Ghost.png  


Pretty interesting, huh? I hope you really found the information and trivia helpful. I sure did!

Stay tooned for more information and sneak peeks and don’t forget to visit this site daily guys! 😀



Club Penguin – FREE Pirate Hat For Everyone!

September 29, 2012

Hey guys! It’s me – Green! I’m here to tell you that Club Penguin has recently released a special code that can get everyone the special pirate hat, which many penguins have wanted for such a long time! Wonderin’ how you can get it?

No worries! It takes less than a minute and all you need to do is go to the unlocks page and enter the following code: ”SOMBRERO”.


The item you’ll receive is the Pirate Hat. Here’s a picture guys:


Pretty neat, huh? And here’s a little trivia about the item if you’re interested… 😉

  • The ”Pirate Hat” is an old item from 2006/2007 in Club Penguin.
  • It was once given out in ”Rockhopper’s Rare Items”.
  • It used to be very rare until it didn’t return for ALL players today(September 29,2012).
  • The hat used to be a members-only item but it’s now a non-member item, too.
  • Even though it’s available for all players already, a lot of new players still don’t know about it and thus can’t get it.

I am too lazy to give you a picture of the hat on my penguin, but I guess I’ll do it a bit later… Anyway, see you soon guys! Have a good day! 😀


Pictures of Green in the Ice Warriors! (#2)

September 23, 2012

Hey penguins! It’s time for the second ”episode”/part of my newest series ”Pictures of Green in the Ice Warriors”. It was a very exciting week for IW this week and it was really hard, too! We had tough battles with LT but we are currently leading, so we mustn’t lose control on the situation now! 😉

The biggest battles of this week were the following:

Battles of Jack Frost and Pine Needles – VICTORY FOR IW! 😀

Defence of the Ice Warriors capital Sub Zero – LOSS FOR IW! D:

Counter-attack of the Ice Warriors capital Sub Zero – WIN FOR IW! 😀

Battles of Walrus and Ice Box – WIN FOR IW! 😀

Battle of Sleet – WIN FOR IW! 😀

1. Battle of Jack Frost and Pine Needles

The battle of server Jack Frost this week was wonderful and it ended well for the IW – they managed to smash the LT with some good attacks and the LT were also outnumbered! The battle of Jack Frost ended quick and it was followed by the battle of Pine Needles which was fairly shorter, but it ended even quicker – after less than 10 minutes of fighting and again – a great win for Ice Warriors! 😀

2. Defence of the Ice Warriors capital Sub Zero

The great war for the IW capital ended very fatally for the Ice Warriors themselves. After a long and very hard battle where the IW’s and LT’s troops were equal, the LT managed to conquer the capital and chase the IW away! A bad day for the Ice Warriors, but luckily the next day turned out to be a good one for IW at the battles of…

3. Battles of Walrus and Ice Box

Perhaps the most successful battles of this week for the IW. They managed to occupy server Walrus and outnumber the LT! Our heroes and fighters were declared fair and clear winners at the end of this somewhat-long battle. But then, the greatest victory(although a relatively easy one)of the week came when the ice troops managed to conquer the capital of the LT. Ice Warriors were declared winners after just less than 20-25 minutes and that was surely a battle to remember! 😉

4. Counter-attack of the Ice Warriors capital Sub Zero

This battle was very important – the most important for this week, but surprisingly it was the easiest! Ice troops marched into their own capital(which was at the time conquered by LT)but they saw no enemy-troops there. After 20 minutes of tactics they autonomously declared themselves winners and no contact with the LT was achieved at the time. Beside the easy victory and the win of their own capital, the ice troops reached record sizes(35-40)and then made a good impression on server Yeti(English)reaching even bigger sizes than the sizes at their own capital server!

5. Battle of Sleet

Although not considered a battle, this was one of the best training sessions the IW have ever seen yet! IW reached sizes of 50 soldiers and occupied the famous server Sleet! They were clearly the ”winners” and therefore they won the server themselves! Astonishing works guys! Keep up the good work! 😉

But let’s get to my penguin in all of this… I managed to go only to the battles of Sub Zero and Snow Day this week, but that’s something!

Snow Day:


NOTE: The only surviving picture of the battle(which we lost…).

Sub Zero(the counter-attack):








And if you’re wondering why didn’t I attend many battles this week – it’s mainly because they’re available only for people in the U.S. or U.K.(sometimes). 

Overall – this week was good for the IW and the war with LT is goin’ well, too! The current result is 7 – 2 (IW – LT) and today we’re having a final battle. It’s the defence of Snow Drift – we were supposed to defend it 2 days ago, but an LT troop(which is now fired)lied to us on the chat so we could not attend and lose the battle. Fortunately, the battle was re-scheduled and it’s going to be held today again! Hope we win it! 😉


Help Greenocool Win A Contest!

September 19, 2012

Hi penguins! Sorry for not posting so often on this blog for a few days… I am just really busy now and school started in my country 2 days ago. A video giving explanations about that will come out on September 21 or September 22 or something. But now, I have an important announcement for you guys! 😀

This video was actually posted 4/5 days ago on my YouTube channel and many people saw it there – over 200 actually. But the point of the video is important:

I have recently enterted a Club Penguin contest and it’s about the person who comments the most on the contest-video. He will get cool prizes if he wins 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. But where do you come in all of this you ask? Well, it seems that not only does the person have to comment a lot on the video, but he also is required to bring viewers to the video and force them to enter the contest, too!

So if you’re a true fan of Green you will watch my video below and complete all the instructions from it! 😉

And for the people wondering, the instructions are the following:

  1.  Go to this video:
  2. Comment on it saying ”Greenocool brought me here!” or something simular – you have to make sure people know I sent you to the video!
  3. You subscribe to ”CPCheatZone” and you like the video.It is highly recommended to add it to favourites,too!
  4. Start posting a lot of random comments on the video – you can post as many as you want!It’s your choice guys!

What do you get in return? If I win ANY place in the contest(at all)I promise to make a giveaway of some of the stuff I received and also I’ll make free intros for people for 5 days! 😀

Isn’t that awesome? So what’re you waitin’ for guys? Go watch the video and complete all the instructions I gave you! Go0d luck everyone!


Club Penguin – The Fair 2012 Preparations!

September 14, 2012

Hey penguins!Noticed anything strange around the island lately?Except that the new clothing and furniture catalogs are out,penguins are also starting construction work already!

The only place where the construction is taking place for now is the Beach and it’s looking pretty good for now!Let’s check it out,shall we? 😀


There are only boxes filled with items for now, but I am sure that soon there will be more preparations all around the island!In the meantime,before they come out,why don’t you guys tell me your opinion about this in the comments below?

Comment below saying are you excited about the upcoming Fair 2012 or not,do you like the new catalogs and preparations so far? I think everything is awesome and it will get better soon!

Waddle on for now guys! Expect more news and updates from me today! 😉


Club Penguin – September 2012 Clothing Catalog Cheats

September 10, 2012

Hey guys!The new ”Penguin Style” clothing catalog issue for this month came out yesterday and it has costumes to get you penguins ready for the awesome Fair coming this month on September 20!Since I haven’t posted catalog cheats in a  really long time on this site,I think that I really should now! 😀

First of all, here’s the cover of the new clothing catalog for this month:


It’s pretty neat,huh? But let’s get to the cheats and secrets now!
  1. Go to the 3rd page of the catalog.
  2. Click on the 1st penguin’s shoe – he is standing at the left side of the page.


Then you will find the ”Horse Costume” which costs a total of 700 coins.


  1. Go to the 5th page of the catalog.
  2. Click on the car mirror of the purple car – it’s right on the 1st penguins car on the left.


Now you’ll see the ”Green Wheeler” which is another cool car – it costs 400 coins.


  1. Go to the 7th page of the catalog.
  2. Click on the paint brush of the purple penguin on the right.


And this time you will discover the ”Viking Helmet”.


If you want to get the ”Blue Viking Helmet” just close the tab with the ”Viking Helmet” and click the paint brush 4 times in a row.


  1. Head to the 8th page of the catalog.
  2. Click on the hair flower of the first penguin on the left.


This time you’ll get the Green Surf Shorts, ”the Flip” and the ”Primitive Necklace”:


  1. Now visit the 9th page of the catalog.
  2. Click the Pink Rollerskates’ wheels.


And you get a bunch of cool items for your penguin!


  1. Now we’re at the clearance pages of the catalog – the page there are cheats on is the 12th one.
  2. Click on the right flipper of the first aqua penguin standing on the left of the page.

You get another cool outfit to show off to your friends now – it costs a total of only 750 coins! What a deal!
And finally – let’s not forget the new backgrounds for this month! You can see the new and old backgrounds in the following picture:
The new catalog for this month looks nice,huh? Don’t forget to tell me what you think about it in the comment section below! 
NOTE: The text and pictures above used in this post are from the ”Club Penguin Daily News” website,but since I am a worker there and I have made that post myself,I have the right to copy it and post it here on my personal blog. 😀

Club Penguin – How To Add Any Moderator?

September 2, 2012

Hey penguins!Today while waddling around Club Penguin and looking at some videos and sites at the same time I noticed a new glitch has been recently discovered!I wanted to share it with you guys here!It’s really awesome! 😀

So as most of you know: the feature to add moderators on Club Penguin is disabled from the friend list because then the moderators’s mail and friend requests list will be full all the time – everyone wants to add a moderator on Club Penguin after all!But now we finally come to the glitch: in this glitch the feature I’ve explained above actually works!And you really can add any moderator you want on Club Penguin(to begin with,there aren’t many moderators out there in Club Penguin,so it’s not a big deal as it looks like).

Wanna know how?Just scroll down and follow the instructions I give you penguins! 😉

First open your friend list on Club Penguin and click on the ”Add New Friend” button – it is marked by a plus(+):


Then just type in the name of the moderator you would like to add.For example ”Billybob” but then before you click ”Find” put the following sign after Billybob’s name ”%” – you can create that sign by pressing Shift and 5 on your keyboard or you could just copy it from this post! 😀


Then you’ll find Billybob and you can send him a friend request!


This works for Happy77,too!Try it out:


By the way guys,please read this: Try this out on your back-up account if possible,because there is a chance that the moderators suspect you in cheating.Since they know only penguins who met them can send them friend requests but you send them a friend request when they’re not even offline!That prooves that you’ve found a way to add them as a friend without meeting them and therefore you’ll turn out to be a hacker!Try at your own risk!

That’s all for now guys!See you soon!