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Upcoming CP series and shows… what happened (so far)?

September 15, 2013

Hello guys! Does anyone of you happen to remember this post which I am about to discuss right now? To be more clear, it’s still on my site; but you have to scroll a lot down the page to see it. It was posted August 22, 2013. One month is going to pass since the date in a week.

As you can see, September is halfway over already… there are 15 more days until the end of this month. When October 2013 comes, things will start getting a bit more complicated as the school year will begin for me (big time) and I won’t have as much time to update this blog, nor my YouTube channel, nor my Twitter – you get the point! But that doesn’t mean I’ll just retire suddenly and abandon all my future (and current) projects! I’m sure it doesn’t. Here’s a link by the way:

And the thing is the following: how many things can I mark as ”done” or ”completed” on the list of the same post? For now, just one actually. That thing is ”Pizza Penguin” Season One. It premiered! That’s progress and I am very proud of my work so far. But what about the other two things for this month? The first one is a brand new show – ”Ask Green” Season One. Just keep in mind while reading that in order to check something on the list it must atleast premiere!

The news are official and the title says it all – it’s going to include the fans and their questions for me (Green). That’s obvious. But the second thing is just a second part of a movie I haven’t finished yet. The files on my computer from that period of the making were deleted. This means I’ll have to shoot the second part of ”Return of the Rockhopper Penguins” all alone again! Really tiring process as I think of it now, but it must happen. Someone has to do the job here. The official premiere date is not going to be announced as it is not likely that this will happen exactly then. I also don’t want to disappoint people. And the pilot episode of ”Ask Green” will be somewhere about the 22nd or 23rd September this year. 😀

This is all the exclusive information you get for taking the time to read this post guys! The other stuff on the list will premiere when the time for them comes… Until then, waddle on!




”Pizza Penguin” Episode 3 out now!

September 15, 2013

Hi penguins. I have two announcements for you today…

The first one is related to the fact that the 3rd episode of ”Pizza Penguin” is released (pretty fast, huh?) and that you can watch it here on the site too! By scrolling down this page as usual. Thanks for all the feedback given in the past 2 episodes! I’m already working on the 4th one and it’s coming out tomorrow! I’m trying to make as many as I can before the school year starts (that happens tomorrow in my country). 😀


And the second thing now is kind-of related to fact number one and it’s not half as important to you, but the first season of the new show has its own playlist at my channel on YouTube! If you missed out something, you can always find it there! Here’s a link:

Please don’t forget to like the playlist of the show, comment by giving ideas for the next episode and subscribe (pretty please)! Thanks once again for reading this post and visiting my site everyone.



Greenocool’s official Fan Site is now open!

September 6, 2013

Hello penguins! Guess what’s going around today? The news about my new site of course! I’m talking about something no one knows yet about… but it’s a fact that it’s online at this current moment. In fact, it’s been online since 2011; but it is now getting a brand new luck and it has a brand new function!

I present you the official ”Greenocool Fan Site” here:

The history will be summarized now…

After I lost my old penguin account (March 2011) by the name of Greenocool10 I decided to stop posting here for a while. So I just left the site for such a long period of time – so long I even forgot the password! I tried to reset it, but there was a problem with the link that was being sent to my email address. There was something wrong with it, so I had to investigate. I finally found a way and did it, I was back in my old blog’s account (here).

In the meantime, I decided to create a new site and a new account on WordPress – ”greenocool10cp”. And I posted news and cheats there for some time… a few months as I remember it at the moment. It didn’t work out quite well and it didn’t get very popular either. In August 2011 I got access to my old blog (thisone) and decided to start posting again, keep updating it. That’s the history pretty much. I haven’t posted on the other site since nearly 2 years already.

I’ve currently deleted all the posts there, because I had an idea! I decided to turn it into the ”Greenocool Fan Site” for my penguin fans to enjoy. It’s all dedicated to them and I really hope they like it! They will also play a big (if not huge) role in its developement, with my help too; of course. Here are some stuff to expect once you get on the site:

  1. A new featured video of Greenocool every week.
  2. A new featured image of Green around the island and / or with fans every week.
  3. Featured penguin or fan of the week.
  4. The name of the upcoming video of Greenocool and the progress of the work on it.
  5. A new featured poll every week that includes a question made up by Green.



Red Lei Justice: What to do and How to do it?

September 2, 2013

Hey everyone. If you missed my last post, there isn’t a problem because you can just read it by visiting this link here (or scrolling below):

I mention in the video itself, not the post though, the things that I recommend you do for showing support. I want to list them again here and explain how to complete them; in case you don’t know how. 😀


1) Send messages to Club Penguin by email.

– Go to the Club Penguin official homepage.

– Select ”Help” from the list of options.

– Scroll down the page and select ”Contact Us”.

– Select the category ”Fan Mail” to write the message.

– Write the message by complaining about the Red Lei.

– Send it to Club Penguin.


2) Private message them in their YouTube inbox.

– Visit the official channel of Club Penguin on YouTube.

– Send them a friend request.

– Get accepted as their friend (normally takes about a day).

– Go to your YouTube inbox.

– Select ”Compose” at the top.

– Write the name ”clubpenguin”.

– Title the subject ”Red Lei Justice” or something similar.

– Write the message by complaining.

– Send it to them without attaching a video.


3) Call them by phone – the phone number is:
1 – 888 – 861 – 4111

– Dial the phone number on your phone.

– A voice will instruct you to press one or two buttons.

– When you’re done you will hopefully talk to an employee of the company.

– Make sure to be clear, get your facts and information straight first of all; then think of what you’re going to say and do it.


4) Protest against it on Club Penguin servers.

– Log in your Club Penguin account.

– Pick a server, better make it a more popular one (or Sleet is an alternative).

– Go in a crowded room alone or with friends (second option is better) and start shouting stuff against Disney and the Red Lei.

– Try to get support from people and get them to join the protest.


5) Keep ”teasing” the Club Penguin Team until they don’t do something about it or atleast re-consider returning the item.

– The title pretty much says it all…

– To be clear, complete all of the above before you move on to this one.


Good luck and hope we succeed in atleast getting an answer from the Club Penguin Team!



Club Penguin – The Rareness Scale

August 27, 2013

Hello penguins. I want to introduce my latest ”invention” to you – it’s about Club Penguin and it’s about you guys. Now you can test your ‘rarity’ with the new Rareness Scale. It’s from Green Productions and it’s awesome! You have to see it for yourself to believe it. Here’s the link to the video:

Don’t forget to watch the whole video please – there’s a message for you at the end as well. I want to take the time and write the rules for using the scale here on the blog, too. But first… the actual scale will be posted here:

club penguin rareness scale


That up there (my friends) is the original. 😀 If you’re also looking for the official image of the scale, please wait until the end of the post (or just scroll down if you’re really impatient).

  • The letter ”R” marks the coefficient (or number) of rarity of the penguin player.
  • The penguins are from 4 periods: 2005 – 2006, 2007 – 2008, 2009 – 2010 and 2011 – 2012.
  • The amounts are listed as follows: (2005) Beta, (2006) Extremely Rare, (2007) Very Rare, (2008) Rare, (2009) Somewhat Rare, (2010) Not very Rare, (2011) Not rare, (2012) Not rare at all (aka Noob).
  • In other words: 2005 = 4, 2006 = 3.5, 2007 = 3, 2008 = 2.5, 2009 = 2, 2010 = 1.5, 2011 = 1, 2012 = 0.5; 2013 = 0 (by the way).

Where are you on the scale guys? Please be honest with me and yourselves! Thanks for reading this post and taking the time to watch the video above…

Here’s the picture now.

club penguin rareness scale pic


P.S. – In case you’re wondering, this is only the first edition. The second one will come out in the future. There will be improvements.



Things didn’t quite work out…

August 17, 2013

Hello. Today I want to talk about things that happen when you’re least expecting them. The amount of items, subjects or topics is 2. The first one will be ”explained” in this post and the second one – in another one that will come out right after this one. Well, okay. The first thing is that I got a little bored of writing stuff everyday on the blog. This doesn’t mean I got bored in general. It just means I can’t post everyday all the time…

You have to understand that I am currently going through some PC problems and problems in real life. But that’s fine because I won’t be talking about these stuff very much, or atleast I won’t try to. If you find it kind of annoying, don’t forget to tell me in the comments below. Thanks! And one more thing – please check out the final part of my most recent movie here:



Club Penguin Newest Interactive Game – COMING (VERY) SOON!

August 15, 2013

Hey! Wonderin’ what happened to the interactive game I made a trailer about nearly a month ago? I am pretty sure you do. That’s just the reason for this post. By the way, if you don’t want to know the announcement or just don’t find it interesting; stop reading please and go waste your time elsewhere.

Back to the main topic. To summarize it for you and save you from all the reading, the game is coming out in just days! That’s right. It’s almost fully filmed and ready to be released very soon… I can’t mention an official date, but that doesn’t matter. Why? Because you will LOVE it! 😀

Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, because that’s not the final video after all. I am planning on releasing some brand new shows and series for you! The movies aren’t ending soon either… Have lots of work, can’t talk now. See ya!