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Club Penguin – Dark Black Penguins Glitch! [2011]

February 16, 2013

Hello penguins. Today I will talk about a video I posted on YouTube more than a month ago, and a video that was actually made nearly a year and a half earlier than that! I will start by posting the video here on the blog as well, for you to see of course…

Okay, and since we got that out of the way, now I will tell you some useful information about the clip itself – you might find this interesting so listen carefully!

The video was recorder August 23/August 24, 2011 when a very unusual event occured on Club Penguin but for only about 10 minutes. The event itself showed penguins all wearing the dark black colour – a colour that is still (to this day) unreleased for all players. It is now considered a mistake or bug in the script that was fixed by the system (probably) almost automatically. But it is important, as it shows two possibilities:

  1. For the colour to be planned for a future release and that this was just a test, shown in the video above.
  2. For the fact that the penguins’ natural or sample/basic colour is indeed ”dark black” and not white, grey/gray, old blue or black as many people thought earlier.

The ”event” was fairly short and I (myself) might have been the only person/penguin on YouTube to capture it with my screen recorder and indeed the only Club Penguin blogger to make a post about it back then and now.

(The link above shows the original post – posted by me then, the same day.)

However, this was long ago and as I said earlier – this didn’t last long, nor did anyone else notice it or post about it. Club Penguin didn’t mention it anywhere or say anything about it either. The video is still fun to watch though, isn’t it? 😉



Official Return of Green – YouTube!

February 10, 2013

Hello penguins. Today I posted a video on YouTube informing people/penguins that I am back! That’s right – I said it about 2 weeks ago on my blog, but this time it’s for real and it’s true. I will show you the video here in a sec, but first I have to clear up a few things.

It’s about my upcoming videos and my career in general. I want to start off by thanking all of you guys for the amazing work you have done in the time when I wasn’t around to look after my YT channel and my blog. You didn’t stop ”working” – that’s for sure! With your help I managed to reach 1500 subscribers on YouTube 2 weeks ago and nearly 11000 hits here on my blog! Thank you very much for that everyone! 😉

Keep up the good work! My first reward for you will be the video I promised to show you just about 1 minute ago… Here it is – the video of my return February 2013:

Tell me how you like it in the comments below, got it? Cool. Now – I believe it’s time we move on to the next topic of this post. It’s going to be a small one so don’t worry! 😀 I will give you a small sneak peek by telling you about the new page coming soon to my site. It’s about my ”movies and shows”. Things I’ve made over time but have never classified, or things that you’ve seen before but didn’t manage to see again. Also, things that are coming in the near future but haven’t been released so far (mostly).

You’ll see and understand what I mean as soon as it comes out! It’s going to be in the next few days so don’t forget to pay a visit to the site every day and tell your friends about it! Waddle on penguins! 😉



New Club Penguin Videos – Operation: Blackout!

November 9, 2012

Hey everyone! The thing I haven’t posted about lately was Club Penguin’s official YT channel. It’s about time I actually do it now. So here I go! There are 2 new videos uploaded a few days ago that reveal both sneak peeks from the actual operation and footage.

It looks awesome so far! I’m sure you’ll think same as me when you see them now… 😀

The first one (above) depicts the actual problem now – the capturing of Gary the Gadget Guy!

The second one (above) and below the first one shows actual footage and sneak peeks from the operation.

What do you think everyone? Comment below and let me know, please! See ya later! 😉


New Club Penguin Start-up/Log-off Screens!

November 7, 2012

Hey penguins! Recently noticed something ’round Club Penguin when logging in and off… The new start-up and log-off screens, of course! 😉 Check them out! They’re pretty awesome, especially for this month:

It is confirmed that the new ”Operation: Blackout” will take place from November 15, 2012 – December 4, 2012! 😀

This doesn’t look good… Herbert seems to have everything ready to destroy us all!

The last one was a log-off screen. But tell me how you like it please?

Just comment below everyone and let me know, okay? 😉 See you soon guys!


Club Penguin – Operation: Blackout!

November 5, 2012

Hey guys! Remember when a while ago we talked about a new Club Penguin operation coming soon? The last one was back in September 2011 when we captured Herbert and locked him in to make sure he doesn’t escape.

Well, it turns out that he not only escaped some time ago but he is also planning to attack the island once again very soon! This isn’t looking very good, is it? Maybe you’ll understand me better when you take a look at the information provided from the Club Penguin Wikia and the pictures below… 😉

Operation: Blackout is an Elite Penguin Force mission operation that will occur from November 15, 2012, to December 4, 2012. It was confirmed on Herbert’s [1]Polo Field‘s and Billybob‘s Twitter accounts.[2] Polo Field also blogged about the team making sounds for November.[3] This will be the first time Herbert makes an appearance as a mascot.

Herbert‘s plans are to capture all the top EPF agents (including G,DotJet Pack GuyRookie and the The Director, but not PH) and blacken the sun using a high frequency infrared reversion laser in his fortress, as well as destroy the Everyday Phoning Facility, thus destroying the EPF Command Room itself. Once done, Herbert will destroy the rest of the island using the sun’s energy as a weapon, and EPF agents will have to break into his fortress and stop him. As Herbert blackens the sun, the island will be cold and will be experiencing a snow storm.


  • Billybob proved in his appearance on the Server Cloudy that Herbert will be meetable during Operation: Blackout.
  • Dot may be one of the characters because she made an appearance in the Yearbook 2011-2012, and had her own signature.
  • Herbert is planning to capture multiple EPF agents, though it seems like he does not want to capture Agent PH.
  • If you visit it will show you Herbert’s plans.
  • When came out, there was a picture of Gary and Dot, the top two on Herbert‘s to capture list, taped to the wall and some penguins believed that they were captured. Then a picture of Rookie was added and it was believed that he was also captured. (This rumor proved to be false due to the update and Rookie appeared in the Club Penguin Times Issue #368)
  • Herbert might freeze the EPF agents he captures to get revenge on the agents for freezing him because in the photo on it looks like Gary is frozen in the tube.

A lot of information, huh? Well, why don’t I show you the pictures and other sneak peeks now…

NOTE: If you want to check out more pictures and info, then go to this site:


New Club Penguin Rooms – COMING SOON!

October 24, 2012

Hey penguins! What ya doin’? I am not sure what the answer would be from most of you, but the answer from me is certain – I am looking for the newest sneak peeks to show you and entertain you in some way here on the site! The thing I discovered today is pretty interesting so pay attention please! 😉

You all know the regular Club Penguin rooms you visit everyday, right? Well, guess what? Things are about to change soon… by soon I mean very soon! Take a look at what I’ve found guys – examples of some new rooms coming soon to Club Penguin! This is looking pretty good for now… 😀


What do you think guys? Pretty exciting and new, huh? What if they were on NOW on Club Penguin… how would YOU feel then?

Comment below saying what you think, okay? I will discuss this in another post coming soon! See you later guys!



Latest Sneak Peeks – Halloween Party 2012!

October 16, 2012

Hi penguins! Guess what I found today for you? Some more sneak peeks for the upcoming Halloween Party 2012 in Club Penguin! Yup – it’s starting just in 3-4 days and these pictures you’re about to see were released just recently.

The problem? Not many penguins actually saw them, but I guess more people are about to find out about them now since I just posted them on my site here. Here you go guys. Enjoy! 😀


NOTE: The pictures above were taken from the ”Club Penguin Daily News” website – the website where I serve as a main reporter for cheats, parties and secrets.

Sorry for just posting 3 pictures but that’s all I could find… really. But I hope that’s not too much to get disappointed about. Just enjoy the Halloween Party (when it comes out in 3-4 days)! 😉