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My Official Return (2014)

April 27, 2014

Hey everyone. It’s official – I’m back to YouTube again. Without talking much about it, I want to show you the new video I posted today. The title pretty much gives it out, but I recommend you see it if you want to know the changes associated with “Green Productions”:

In case you can’t see it (although I don’t think it’s possible for it to be blocked since it has no audio whatsoever) here are the 3 major changes:

  1. I’m going to post stuff about other games on my channel from now on. This includes Club Penguin, but many others such as Panfu, Counter Strike, Minecraft and lots of other games I find interesting and play.
  2. I’m also going to improve my video quality (in terms of resolution and speed) and this is because I’ve moved to a newer and better version of Windows, as well as a new laptop which allows me to do everything much faster and download new and cool programs.
  3. My penguin’s membership plan has ended and it’s not going to be renewed anytime soon. This means that I might use private servers for some videos or just make videos that don’t require dressing up so much or playing member games.

That’s all I have for now. Comment below and see you later!


It’s Been A While…

April 19, 2014

Hi everyone. I think you’re already thinking about me. For a long time probably. It’s regarding my absence from YouTube, my blog and most importantly – Club Penguin. I haven’t quit (mostly) is the first thing I’d like to say. While I don’t go on CP regularly and only visit it from time to time, I haven’t forgotten the game and still enjoy it from time to time. I used to enjoy it a lot more two years ago, or even one year ago, or even 8 months ago. I think you understand how I feel about it now. Not that it isn’t important anymore – it still is to a certain extent, just not the same as it once was. I found out that there are more important things and more interesting things than playing in a virtual community online with people from all around the world. And that was the same thing but in real life.

You’ll get to this point somewhere in your life where you’ll get to the conclusion that achieving badges or things of a similar kind online doesn’t change anything (absolutely anything) in the real world you’re living in now. Kind of depressing since you’ve probably wasted the last 2 if not more years of your life playing something where you didn’t achieve everything you wanted (just part of it for example) but even though you knew it, you continued and continued to waste your time because hope keeps the fire burning! I probably sound funny speaking in that matter about a bunch of pixels on the net, but believe me – it’s much more than that to some people. It was much more than that to me when I first discovered the game.

And what happened afterwards? Things started coming one after another. First just playing for fun, then there’s videos, a YT channel, views, subs, fans, videos, more subs, more views, a personal desire for fame and glory, a banned account, a return after 5 months, more vids, another ban, hacking, trying to be the best and all kinds of pointless shit. (Sorry for the bad words, but in this moment I notice that there’s no freaking way to censor my words with this new keyboard I bought the other day from the corner store…)

As you might have guessed it, yup, that’s my story up there in a few short sentences. I’m a bit mad now, I feel like I’ve left myself go, like I did nothing in all those years of video making and posting, like I’ve let myself down and last but not least – the fans down. The fans. The most important part of my whole career. The thing that got me going and moving toward my goals, the thing that gave me ideas and told me how to use them, the thing that inspired me and wanted me to improve; the thing that made me that what I am now.

And while for some people, the things I’ve covered in this post are probably bullshit (sorry once again) well I do hope that there are still people (or penguins) out there who think otherwise! If you really believe me and know what I\ve went through to get here, please do share this post and don’t forget to drop a comment in sign of respect. Everyone can make a mistake, but as long as they fix it soon enough, it’s never too late.

Thank you once again everyone. This is Green signing off for now.