List of upcoming Club Penguin series and shows!

Hello guys. It’s official. The list of my newest series and shows (upcoming series and shows) will be posted on this site and particulary in this post. Prepare for them everyone, here they are:

1. Pizza Penguin – Season One (September 2013)

2. Ask Green – Season One (September 2013)

3. Return of the Rockhopper Penguins 2 – Ending (September 2013)

4. Club Penguin Documentaries (October 2013)

5. Club Penguin History (October 2013)

6. Behing the Scenes (November 2013)

7. Interesting Facts (November 2013)

8. Club Penguin Weekly Comics (December 2013?)

9. Test thing (November 2013?)


That’s about it for now. I listed all that came to mind. Let’s see how far I’ll get on these ones. Here are a few more words about them:

  • ”Pizza Penguin” will be a comedy.
  • ”Ask Green” will include fan questions.
  • Greenocool’s first ever movie will finally end.
  • Documentaries will be on different subjects.
  • History info will be taken from CP Wikia and own sources.
  • Weekly comics will be personally made with some help.
  • The last one will be a surprise.

Please don’t forget to comment below, subscribe to my YT channel and share this post with your friends! I am personally very excited and at the same time quite proud of the progress so far… 😉



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4 Comments on “List of upcoming Club Penguin series and shows!”

  1. varunsvinu Says:

    hey greencool please please please send me a membership codes on

  2. aditya Says:

    Hey greencool i tried these codes all were used.Please send me membership codes or my dream would never come true.My parents will never allow.Send me a membership code on

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