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Greenocool Wins A Bronze Award – Club Penguin Bronze Awards 2013!

February 21, 2013

Greetings everyone! Perhaps a bit unusual way for me to welcome you to my blog and this post, but I had to be more ”official”. After all – you’ll figure out soon what’s going on. Okay, so the title almost clearly says it. But some of you might not even know what the ”Bronze Awards” are on Club Penguin. That’s why I will send you a link to an article in the ”Club Penguin Wiki”. Also, I will try to explain a few things myself.

The awards ceremony is actually known as the ”Awards Show” and it basically replaced the well-known ”Penguin Play Awards” (a party celebrated 2009 and 2010 in Club Penguin). There are 3 award ceremonies during the whole awards. The first entitled the ”Bronze Awards” are from February 21 to February 22. Then, from February 23 to February 24 run the ”Silver Awards”. The show is finally ended with the ”Gold Awards – awarded from February 24/25 until February 26.

But the thing that is most important to me (and possibly my fans) is the fact that today I was awarded a Bronze Award! It is a big honor to me and my video career! I won the award at the category ”Best Space Flight” which is for the movie yet to be released in 3 or 4 days! Yeah, that’s right! Here’s a quick picture:

club penguin bronze awards 2013

The quality isn’t very good and it’s a bit edited, but I hope you like it! Thanks for helping me with everything guys and voting for me (lol)! More information about the awards in overall and other stuff will come out soon! 😉



Club Penguin – The Challenge (Video)

February 20, 2013

Hi everyone! Have you seen my latest movie yet? It’s published on YouTube and you can check it out below – just scroll a bit down this post and you’ll see it! It turned out great and I personally think that it must be my greatest work (yet)! But the most important thing is, of course, what YOU guys think about it. That’s why I’m asking you here.

Please – don’t forget to comment below the video and this post, like the video, favourite it if you really like it, share it with your friends (very important) and don’t forget to subscribe everyone! The last thing is the most important at the moment, after the feedback from the fans. I reached 1500 subscribers about a month ago thanks to all my fans, friends and helpers on Club Penguin and YouTube!

Thanks for everything guys! I am doing this only for you! And plus – I’m having a lot of fun making these ones myself, too. It is important to support me whenever you can and whatever way you can. That keeps me going and motivates me to do more! 😉

And it’s about time we finally get to the point of this post – to show the video. Here it is:

Thanks for watching guys! Don’t forget to complete the instructions in this post and thank you once again for everything!

Have a good day/night (depends on where you live) and most importantly – waddle on and have fun whatever you’re doing!


Club Penguin – Future Videos Sneak Peek (Part 1)

February 20, 2013

Hi penguins. This post will mainly be about the video I posted 4 days ago on YouTube. You might as well check it out first, if you already haven’t. It’s right here:

Okay, so now I will give you a little more information about the things mentioned in the video. After all, that’s why I have a blog – so more sneak peeks can be included here! 😀

1. Interactive Games (Episode 1 – Episode 5)

Okay, so except that you know that I will post 5 basic episodes of small interactive games on YouTube, featuring Club Penguin… you might also want to know that I will now mention the names of the episodes. Here they are (in order):

Episode 1: Staring Contest (5 levels of difficulty – from Very Easy to Impossible)

Episode 2: The Maze

Episode 3: Green’s Adventure: The Amazon

Episode 4: Green’s Adventure: Ancient Egypt

Episode 5: Green’s Adventure: Around the World


That’s all I’ve came up with so far. The first episode will be a ”staring contest”. This has been made by other penguins before, but I finally decided to do a version of my own. The second episode will be a ”maze” with possible choices and options for you to pick from. It will be something exciting, believe me. And the episodes from 3 to 5 (a total of 3 for now) will include a penguin’s adventure around different parts of the world and undiscovered places. The last one is also an episode about the Earth itself.

2. Music Videos (Different)

This (unfortunately) will be something I won’t talk about in this particular post. Why? Mainly because I am unsure of it right now. I will only mention that among doing other new CPMVs, I will complete some old ones (2) that I never posted on YouTube and had the chance to publish. It will take some time and work but I promise that I’ll do it. And if you’re asking, the only name I will mention right now is the song ”Space Bound” by Eminem. That will be one of them. Be ready for more sneak peeks for the other ones in the near future…

3. Contests (Different)

Okay, this category is somewhat-new to the ”Green Productions” company and a test has actually never been done. But why not try? I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? Exactly. The contests planned so far are somethings like drawing contest, music video contest, intelligence quiz or contest, video making contest, comedy contest and many other! Remember and don’t forget that they might not always include prizes or awards, but I promise that I will make the best of them and that you will most of all have fun entering and participating in some of them (or why not all if you’d like). More information will be released in about a month for the first one, as planned from now. The contests won’t be something regularly made but rather something made from time to time, just for fun – when there aren’t many ideas for anything on my mind.

4. Comedies (Shows)

And this is the final sneak peek mentioned in the video… I have to say that this will include the new comedy-show coming soon to ”Green Productions”. It will be entitled ”Pizza Penguin” and will include several episodes and possibly seasons, if successful when posted. Also, the first possible season is already planned – it should have about 10 or 12 episodes. Each of those episodes won’t be more than 3 or 4 minutes but will make you laugh (that’s for sure)! Don’t forget to look for the premiere of the first episode somewhere in the end of this month or the beginning of next month – March 2013! You will be surprised, I’m sure.


And that was all for this post folks! I really hope you found both the video and the sneak peek interesting. Until next time! Waddle on everyone!



Club Penguin Memories – Movies by Green!

February 16, 2013

Hi penguins! Yesterday I posted a video on YouTube, which was fairly long – more than 5 minutes. And it was made in only 2 hours if you’re searching for fun facts! I will show you the actual video in a moment (if you haven’t seen it already on YouTube) but first I will explain why I made it.

See, I basically wanted to remind some of my old fans about all the movies I have ever made so far. The truth is that they aren’t much and their amount is fairly small, but that’s not the important thing. Their length is over 1 hour in total and their number is only 6 (for a fact). But that’s not important either! And now you’re going to ask me – what IS important then, Green?

Well, what I can say is that in order to make a great movie or video you need to have a good plot, characters, recording and editing skills and a lot of patience too! You can’t give up at the very beginning. You won’t win anything from that and plus, think of it this way: if you give up you’ve lost already; but if you continue trying you might succeed at some point. And yes, that point of success might be somewhere far in the future, but it WILL come one day (believe me)!

And while I am talking useless junk that not many people care about I will post the video here on the site so you can atleast see it and tell me what you think in the comments below. Okay? 😀

NOTE: The video is in HD, so don’t forget to use the feature if you have a fast or new computer/laptop.

Thanks for reading this post penguins! This means a lot to me – all the views, comments, subscribers, readers, etc. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work! Stay tooned for more and subscribe (most importantly)!


Club Penguin – Dark Black Penguins Glitch! [2011]

February 16, 2013

Hello penguins. Today I will talk about a video I posted on YouTube more than a month ago, and a video that was actually made nearly a year and a half earlier than that! I will start by posting the video here on the blog as well, for you to see of course…

Okay, and since we got that out of the way, now I will tell you some useful information about the clip itself – you might find this interesting so listen carefully!

The video was recorder August 23/August 24, 2011 when a very unusual event occured on Club Penguin but for only about 10 minutes. The event itself showed penguins all wearing the dark black colour – a colour that is still (to this day) unreleased for all players. It is now considered a mistake or bug in the script that was fixed by the system (probably) almost automatically. But it is important, as it shows two possibilities:

  1. For the colour to be planned for a future release and that this was just a test, shown in the video above.
  2. For the fact that the penguins’ natural or sample/basic colour is indeed ”dark black” and not white, grey/gray, old blue or black as many people thought earlier.

The ”event” was fairly short and I (myself) might have been the only person/penguin on YouTube to capture it with my screen recorder and indeed the only Club Penguin blogger to make a post about it back then and now.

(The link above shows the original post – posted by me then, the same day.)

However, this was long ago and as I said earlier – this didn’t last long, nor did anyone else notice it or post about it. Club Penguin didn’t mention it anywhere or say anything about it either. The video is still fun to watch though, isn’t it? 😉


RE: Club Penguin – FREE Membership Codes!

February 16, 2013

Hello penguins! This is a response to a post made on my site around September 11, 2012 (more than 5 months ago) that wasn’t expected to be such a big hit, but as time passed penguins just started to notice it a lot. And by a lot, I really mean A LOT (or atleast for me) because I didn’t expect it to become that famous! You can check out the original post here, on this link:

And the statistics show that as of February 2013, this post has over 100 comments and a total of 4895 views since it was posted, which is an astonishing achievement for me and my site in general! 😀

I want to thank you guys for everything, but at the same time remind you not to comment so often on the post or visit it because ALL the codes posted there, are practically useless and used already. Not only that but some of you guys are clearly over-spamming the site and talking about stuff I won’t recall at the moment. But what I can tell you guys is that I will give out a 1-week membership code somewhere like next week. So be ready guys! Stay subscribed on YouTube and follow my blog for more! 😉


Official Return of Green – YouTube!

February 10, 2013

Hello penguins. Today I posted a video on YouTube informing people/penguins that I am back! That’s right – I said it about 2 weeks ago on my blog, but this time it’s for real and it’s true. I will show you the video here in a sec, but first I have to clear up a few things.

It’s about my upcoming videos and my career in general. I want to start off by thanking all of you guys for the amazing work you have done in the time when I wasn’t around to look after my YT channel and my blog. You didn’t stop ”working” – that’s for sure! With your help I managed to reach 1500 subscribers on YouTube 2 weeks ago and nearly 11000 hits here on my blog! Thank you very much for that everyone! 😉

Keep up the good work! My first reward for you will be the video I promised to show you just about 1 minute ago… Here it is – the video of my return February 2013:

Tell me how you like it in the comments below, got it? Cool. Now – I believe it’s time we move on to the next topic of this post. It’s going to be a small one so don’t worry! 😀 I will give you a small sneak peek by telling you about the new page coming soon to my site. It’s about my ”movies and shows”. Things I’ve made over time but have never classified, or things that you’ve seen before but didn’t manage to see again. Also, things that are coming in the near future but haven’t been released so far (mostly).

You’ll see and understand what I mean as soon as it comes out! It’s going to be in the next few days so don’t forget to pay a visit to the site every day and tell your friends about it! Waddle on penguins! 😉