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Green Is Back! (2013)

January 27, 2013

Hey guys! This is my first ever post on my good ol’ blog in 2013! So, what do you think now? I am thinking of updating some stuff around it soon because the design doesn’t seem very cool, or atleast not as I imagined it. As for the video-making career- big stuff are on their way but I have too little spare time to complete them.

You’ll just have to be patient guys. But not only that. You have to continue to support me! I see you’re doing a wonderful job for now so keep it going! During the 2-3 months when I was missing on here and partly on YouTube, you guys kept sending me messages and feedback. With your help (and no other) I’ve managed to do the following:

  • Reach nearly 11k (11,000) hits on this blog!
  • Reach 1500 subscribers on YouTube!
  • Reach 1600 followers on Twitter!
  • Other

Thanks once again and I hope that this year (2013) will be even cooler than the past one (2012)! We can do everything with the help and support we give each other all the time. Oh, and I almost forgot… Should have said this in the beginning of this post.

Happy New Year guys! 😉