New Club Penguin Membership Offer! [November 7 – November 21]

Hey guys! Have you checked the ”Membership” page on Club Penguin’s official site recently? It has sure changed a lot! But we’re not talkin’ about the big update where the whole design changed!

There is, in fact, a new membership offer for you guys! It lasts from November 7, 2012 until November 21, 2012. That makes 2 weeks! But what is it about? Here, take a look at the picture I got for you:

You can get bonus items by buying a 6-month or 12-month membership! Here’s some more information:

With a 6-month membership you get:

  • Detective’s Coat
  • Grey Fedora

With a 12-month membership you get:

  • Dark Detective’s Coat
  • Grey Fedora
  • Binoculars

Seems cool, huh? Comment below what you think guys! Does this make you want to buy a membership even more? 😀


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2 Comments on “New Club Penguin Membership Offer! [November 7 – November 21]”

  1. MarioFan7589 Says:

    Hey Greenocool. Cool blog! I never knew you could have blogs on youtube! How do I do that? {You don’t need to}.

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