Club Penguin – Operation: Blackout!

Hey guys! Remember when a while ago we talked about a new Club Penguin operation coming soon? The last one was back in September 2011 when we captured Herbert and locked him in to make sure he doesn’t escape.

Well, it turns out that he not only escaped some time ago but he is also planning to attack the island once again very soon! This isn’t looking very good, is it? Maybe you’ll understand me better when you take a look at the information provided from the Club Penguin Wikia and the pictures below… 😉

Operation: Blackout is an Elite Penguin Force mission operation that will occur from November 15, 2012, to December 4, 2012. It was confirmed on Herbert’s [1]Polo Field‘s and Billybob‘s Twitter accounts.[2] Polo Field also blogged about the team making sounds for November.[3] This will be the first time Herbert makes an appearance as a mascot.

Herbert‘s plans are to capture all the top EPF agents (including G,DotJet Pack GuyRookie and the The Director, but not PH) and blacken the sun using a high frequency infrared reversion laser in his fortress, as well as destroy the Everyday Phoning Facility, thus destroying the EPF Command Room itself. Once done, Herbert will destroy the rest of the island using the sun’s energy as a weapon, and EPF agents will have to break into his fortress and stop him. As Herbert blackens the sun, the island will be cold and will be experiencing a snow storm.


  • Billybob proved in his appearance on the Server Cloudy that Herbert will be meetable during Operation: Blackout.
  • Dot may be one of the characters because she made an appearance in the Yearbook 2011-2012, and had her own signature.
  • Herbert is planning to capture multiple EPF agents, though it seems like he does not want to capture Agent PH.
  • If you visit it will show you Herbert’s plans.
  • When came out, there was a picture of Gary and Dot, the top two on Herbert‘s to capture list, taped to the wall and some penguins believed that they were captured. Then a picture of Rookie was added and it was believed that he was also captured. (This rumor proved to be false due to the update and Rookie appeared in the Club Penguin Times Issue #368)
  • Herbert might freeze the EPF agents he captures to get revenge on the agents for freezing him because in the photo on it looks like Gary is frozen in the tube.

A lot of information, huh? Well, why don’t I show you the pictures and other sneak peeks now…

NOTE: If you want to check out more pictures and info, then go to this site:


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