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The IW: War,Treaty and War Again!

September 29, 2012

Hey penguins! Glad some of you noticed: I haven’t been posting much about the IW recently(by recently, I mean in the past week)and I am willing to do it now. In my last post about them I mentioned something about a hard war with the LT(Light Troops)and if I’m not mistaken the Ice Warriors were clearly winning, too!

I bet most of you guys are pretty excited to hear what’s currently going on? Well, let’s put it this way: the IW won the war because they decided to sign a treaty with LT, but they mainly won it because they were the winners at the end of this war. The treaty was a good sign and the 2 armies were at peace. Unfortunately, the 2 sides got at war again only 2 days after they signed the treaty. Sounds a bit pathetic, huh? The best reason I can give you for now, is the following:

The Ice Warriors’ leaders met with some other army leaders and had a discussion with them. At the end they decided to break the treaty and challenge the LT once more. But this time, the point is to ”finish it off” and basically that means ”to win the war”. The Pirates are on LT’s side and they’re our enemies at the moment!

We currently have 4 armies against 2 armies. Thend IW, AR, ACP a DCP have joined forces and are fighting against LT and Pirates.

The upcoming battles will be quite serious so we have to do our best! 😀

You can read more about this at ”Club Penguin Armies Central” at this link:

Thanks for reading this post guys. More updates comin’ soon! Let’s do our best everyone! 😉



Club Penguin – FREE Pirate Hat For Everyone!

September 29, 2012

Hey guys! It’s me – Green! I’m here to tell you that Club Penguin has recently released a special code that can get everyone the special pirate hat, which many penguins have wanted for such a long time! Wonderin’ how you can get it?

No worries! It takes less than a minute and all you need to do is go to the unlocks page and enter the following code: ”SOMBRERO”.


The item you’ll receive is the Pirate Hat. Here’s a picture guys:


Pretty neat, huh? And here’s a little trivia about the item if you’re interested… 😉

  • The ”Pirate Hat” is an old item from 2006/2007 in Club Penguin.
  • It was once given out in ”Rockhopper’s Rare Items”.
  • It used to be very rare until it didn’t return for ALL players today(September 29,2012).
  • The hat used to be a members-only item but it’s now a non-member item, too.
  • Even though it’s available for all players already, a lot of new players still don’t know about it and thus can’t get it.

I am too lazy to give you a picture of the hat on my penguin, but I guess I’ll do it a bit later… Anyway, see you soon guys! Have a good day! 😀