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Pictures of Green in the Ice Warriors! (#2)

September 23, 2012

Hey penguins! It’s time for the second ”episode”/part of my newest series ”Pictures of Green in the Ice Warriors”. It was a very exciting week for IW this week and it was really hard, too! We had tough battles with LT but we are currently leading, so we mustn’t lose control on the situation now! 😉

The biggest battles of this week were the following:

Battles of Jack Frost and Pine Needles – VICTORY FOR IW! 😀

Defence of the Ice Warriors capital Sub Zero – LOSS FOR IW! D:

Counter-attack of the Ice Warriors capital Sub Zero – WIN FOR IW! 😀

Battles of Walrus and Ice Box – WIN FOR IW! 😀

Battle of Sleet – WIN FOR IW! 😀

1. Battle of Jack Frost and Pine Needles

The battle of server Jack Frost this week was wonderful and it ended well for the IW – they managed to smash the LT with some good attacks and the LT were also outnumbered! The battle of Jack Frost ended quick and it was followed by the battle of Pine Needles which was fairly shorter, but it ended even quicker – after less than 10 minutes of fighting and again – a great win for Ice Warriors! 😀

2. Defence of the Ice Warriors capital Sub Zero

The great war for the IW capital ended very fatally for the Ice Warriors themselves. After a long and very hard battle where the IW’s and LT’s troops were equal, the LT managed to conquer the capital and chase the IW away! A bad day for the Ice Warriors, but luckily the next day turned out to be a good one for IW at the battles of…

3. Battles of Walrus and Ice Box

Perhaps the most successful battles of this week for the IW. They managed to occupy server Walrus and outnumber the LT! Our heroes and fighters were declared fair and clear winners at the end of this somewhat-long battle. But then, the greatest victory(although a relatively easy one)of the week came when the ice troops managed to conquer the capital of the LT. Ice Warriors were declared winners after just less than 20-25 minutes and that was surely a battle to remember! 😉

4. Counter-attack of the Ice Warriors capital Sub Zero

This battle was very important – the most important for this week, but surprisingly it was the easiest! Ice troops marched into their own capital(which was at the time conquered by LT)but they saw no enemy-troops there. After 20 minutes of tactics they autonomously declared themselves winners and no contact with the LT was achieved at the time. Beside the easy victory and the win of their own capital, the ice troops reached record sizes(35-40)and then made a good impression on server Yeti(English)reaching even bigger sizes than the sizes at their own capital server!

5. Battle of Sleet

Although not considered a battle, this was one of the best training sessions the IW have ever seen yet! IW reached sizes of 50 soldiers and occupied the famous server Sleet! They were clearly the ”winners” and therefore they won the server themselves! Astonishing works guys! Keep up the good work! 😉

But let’s get to my penguin in all of this… I managed to go only to the battles of Sub Zero and Snow Day this week, but that’s something!

Snow Day:


NOTE: The only surviving picture of the battle(which we lost…).

Sub Zero(the counter-attack):








And if you’re wondering why didn’t I attend many battles this week – it’s mainly because they’re available only for people in the U.S. or U.K.(sometimes). 

Overall – this week was good for the IW and the war with LT is goin’ well, too! The current result is 7 – 2 (IW – LT) and today we’re having a final battle. It’s the defence of Snow Drift – we were supposed to defend it 2 days ago, but an LT troop(which is now fired)lied to us on the chat so we could not attend and lose the battle. Fortunately, the battle was re-scheduled and it’s going to be held today again! Hope we win it! 😉