Pictures of Green in the Ice Warriors! (#1)

Hello there guys! If you’ve read my earlier post you would’ve surely understood that I’ve been a member of the Ice Warriors Army of Club Penguin since quite some time now… about 3 weeks or so! I also stated that I will make posts from time to time about the Ice Warriors and myself, too.

This time I am starting something like a series which will be called ”Pictures of Green in the Ice Warriors” and they might even have a logo soon. 😉

For the first ”episode” I will show you a few pictures of recent Ice Warrior invasions/training sessions, but they won’t be just ANY pictures, of course! My penguin will be in them and sometimes you have to spot it yourself! Pretty cool, huh? I thought so, too! Let’s take a look for example at the Invasion of Dry Ice September 2012.

NOTE: There is a small ”magnifying-square” added to the left or right corner of the screen on some pictures so you can see my penguin better.










We did a big invasion there, didn’t we? Expect more pictures coming soon!

And by the way guys, I might soon start posting videos about the Ice Warriors – commercials, promotion videos, battles, wars, invasions and etc. Be sure to watch out for them and subscribe on my YouTube channel here:



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