Greenocool – A Member of the Ice Warriors Army of Club Penguin!

Hey penguins! Just a quick post here by me Green! Recently I made some changes to the blog (as you can clearly see) and for now they are permanent. I will try to update some other stuff about the blog later, but for now I will just tell you something: Greenocool is an official member of the Ice Warriors of Club Penguin! 😀

This isn’t very new actually – I became a member of the Ice Warriors officially on August 24,2012. I am currently at the rank of a Major and I am going up! My personal goal for now is to reach the rank of a Colonel or a Head Colonel! But we’ll just see how things work out, okay? I will keep you posted about the Ice Warriors. And from now on I will be making posts about them, too – I will be promoting them or something like that. I will sometimes post pictures in which I show my penguin in some battles or training sessions. I will NOT reveal the secrets of the Ice Warriors however and will not give them away!

And for the people wondering you can check out the Ice Warriors’ official site at the link below (here):

And don’t forget to join guys! You can do that by going to the link here:

And you can see your current Ice Warriors rank (if you join) here, too:

That’s it for now guys! Don’t forget to subscribe to their site and help those guys out! They’re not only awesome but they’re currently the number 1 army of Club Penguin, according to the ”Club Penguin Army Central” official list! 😉



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