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Club Fruit: The Movie – Part 1!

September 12, 2012

Hey everyone!Today my latest Club Penguin movie premiered!It was actually a surprise movie no one expected!It’s called ”Club Fruit” and it is split in 2 parts.I hope you enjoy the first part,because the second one is coming this Friday! 😀

Here’s the 1st part of the movie to start-off with:

Do you think my movies are getting better?Don’t forget to comment what you think below!Comment if you’re excited about the 2nd part,too! 😉

And let’s talk about the movie’s plot for a minute!Basically in this movie a penguin is bored because he has no friend to hang out with in the Adventure Party 2012.So he calls his best friend ”Fireblast160”(the main character is called ”Greenocool” by the way)and they both meet at the Cove.After a small talk,Green notices something very unusual behind Fire and quickly informs his partner!There appears to be a huge orange(about the size of a penguin and a half)standing at the Cove,right behind Fireblast.They soon find out that the orange is real and he can talk – he was a penguin before but suddenly one morning he turned into an orange when he woke up!

Greenocool wants to solve this mystery because everything seems very odd and strange to him – this couldn’t of all just happened like that!He goes and investigates around the island,while Fire decides to go and get a fruit smoothie.Unfortunate for Green,he soon meets a rather weird tribal penguin wearing a tiki mask.The penguin doesn’t respond to Green at first but then he attacks him!Greenocool falls asleep and later wakes up on an usual island – somewhere far away from Club Penguin.He can’t move and he’s surrounded by 2 other penguins – one of them appears to be the tribal penguin.After a long talk with them Green understands that they’re called Buck and Tim.They lost their home a long time ago and found Club Penguin.The first person they ever met was this professor who works in PNASA(Penguin National Aeronautics and Space Administration)and he gave them free jobs and a place to live.

Their jobs are to test new inventions(made from the professor)and they get a lot of money from that every month!Greenocool finally understands that their plan is to test a new invention on him – a new smoothie drink that is supposed to turn penguins into fruit.That reveals part of the mystery – the smoothies are the thing that have turned the orange penguin earlier into a fruit.But there are still many other questions Green wants to know and many other mysteries he wants to discover about this!

What will happen in the next part penguins?Put your suggestions below!But you’ll never know for sure ’til it comes out! 😉