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Where Has Greenocool Been + New Adventure Video Now Released!

September 8, 2012

Hey penguins!It’s Green here and I got answers to some of your recent questions again!Some of you have been wondering where I went for the past 3-4 days?I actually took another vacation!But it was a small one this time…for only about 3 days!But it was awesome and that’s important! 😀

Since we got the first thing cleared up,it’s time to talk about my recent and upcoming videos,too!I didn’t upload anything adventure-related during the Adventure Party this year – that’s what you thought,right?I promised you alot but didn’t give you anything!No worries guys!I actually made a video promoting the Adventure Party a few days ago(4 days ago)!It was about the awesome and at the same time mysterious temple of fruit on the island! It was adventure-related,of course! 😉

But now…if you hear about the video for the first time don’t worry,too!Because I will just show it to you somewhere below…Here it is!

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And now – to end this post I will just tell you a bit about my upcoming videos…Sneak peeks will also be released soon!You know about the Penguin Olympics 2012 already – new episodes are coming next week(starting Monday,September 10)and will continue to launch until somewhere like the end of September or even in October 2012!

Aside from the Olympics I will release some new shows to ”Green Productions” this month(and next month).I will only reveal 1 of the shows’ name for now…This new show that is coming in mid-September or at the end of September will be called ”Pizza Penguin”.Yep!You got it!Try and guess what is the show about now!Post your guesses in the comment section below and I will tell you more next time,okay?Good!See you tomorrow guys! 😀