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Club Penguin – Some Announcements…(Part 2)

September 4, 2012

Hey guys!Green here – with some announcements for you!Everything should be explained in the video below but I decided to tell you here on the blog as well! First to start off guys – if you’re wondering why is this ”part 2/part two” or something,then let me explain: back in July 2012(a bit before the Ultimate Jam 2012)I made a video with announcements about the upcoming stuff in Green Productions!Remember it?If not – then here’s a link to the video…

Back then I announced the making  of the movie I posted a few days ago ”Return of the Rockhopper Penguins” but it was actually only part one!Part two is currently in the making by the way.But let’s get on topic!I posted the second part of the video today on August 31,2012.And I will basically keep posting other parts of this video only whenever there are small announcements to make!I will just put a ”part 3,part 4,part 5…” and etc. after the title of the video.Okay,so now here’s the video,and after the video I will personally tell you more about the announcements and statements I made in it! 😉

Okay,you saw the video.Now I will personally tell you what I meant about the stuff I said in the video:

1.The Penguin Olympics 2012 have been delayed…again

I am sorry for this guys but if you’ve watched the video you would understand that I am too busy to make new episodes come out every day or once 2 or 3 days.I will try to make them as often as possible and I’m planning to finish them somewhere in mid-September 2012. They have been currently delayed and new episodes will be launching more next week and the week after next week.I will keep you posted about this guys!

2.New movies and shows are in the making

Yes,this is something I have been talking about with you since May and June 2012 – since about 3 or 4 months.The first sneak peek about the 1st new show coming in September 2012 will be released in the upcoming week! I will be sure to make the sneak peek come out as soon as possible and please take a note: the sneak peeks will first come out HERE on the BLOG,rather than first on YouTube as usual!

3.The next part of my current movie – in the making!

Yes,you heard right.It is currently in the making and it will probably come out next month(in September 2012)although I am not sure exactly when but I will tell you more about it here and on YouTube so message me if you want more information.And also: I might consider releasing 1 or 2 picture sneak peeks about the part but I’ll just see…It’s not a big deal! 😉

And now – finally…Here are some fan-made pictures for the movie ”Return of the Rockhopper Penguins”.They are actually made by my sister in real life(her account is called ”A355” on Club Penguin).And here they come! 😀






And here’s a bonus one – it is made by my sister again and it’s in honor of Oscar One, one of the best Club Penguin movie-makers ever! 😉


There’s a 2nd edited version of the picture that can be viewed below by scrolling down:


Pretty cool,huh?But don’t forget to tell me your opinion in the comments guys,okay? 😀

See you soon with more news about CP and personal announcements and sneak peeks!