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Club Penguin – How To Add Any Moderator?

September 2, 2012

Hey penguins!Today while waddling around Club Penguin and looking at some videos and sites at the same time I noticed a new glitch has been recently discovered!I wanted to share it with you guys here!It’s really awesome! 😀

So as most of you know: the feature to add moderators on Club Penguin is disabled from the friend list because then the moderators’s mail and friend requests list will be full all the time – everyone wants to add a moderator on Club Penguin after all!But now we finally come to the glitch: in this glitch the feature I’ve explained above actually works!And you really can add any moderator you want on Club Penguin(to begin with,there aren’t many moderators out there in Club Penguin,so it’s not a big deal as it looks like).

Wanna know how?Just scroll down and follow the instructions I give you penguins! 😉

First open your friend list on Club Penguin and click on the ”Add New Friend” button – it is marked by a plus(+):


Then just type in the name of the moderator you would like to add.For example ”Billybob” but then before you click ”Find” put the following sign after Billybob’s name ”%” – you can create that sign by pressing Shift and 5 on your keyboard or you could just copy it from this post! 😀


Then you’ll find Billybob and you can send him a friend request!


This works for Happy77,too!Try it out:


By the way guys,please read this: Try this out on your back-up account if possible,because there is a chance that the moderators suspect you in cheating.Since they know only penguins who met them can send them friend requests but you send them a friend request when they’re not even offline!That prooves that you’ve found a way to add them as a friend without meeting them and therefore you’ll turn out to be a hacker!Try at your own risk!

That’s all for now guys!See you soon!