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Club Penguin – More Exclusive Information On The Upcoming Adventure Party?

July 31, 2012

Hiya penguins!I am Greenocool,the blogger again.This is a pretty weird introduction to a post as I never introduced myself in this way again.But that doesn’t matter now.I am here today with this post – I wanted to discuss the upcoming party in Club Penguin because I am really excited right now.

Don’t forget to comment below what you think first of all,after you read this post of course.Don’t forget to leave your ideas too!

Now,anyways – this information isn’t as exclusive as you think but I am currently keeping the link for the information ”private”.If you know what I mean. 😀

Now,I will just start off with some information about this party…And remember please that nothing is yet certain about this party because it hasn’t yet came,but here we go.

As far as we all know this party is an upcoming event in Club Penguin and it’s already confirmed in the ”What’s New” blog on Club Penguin.There is no official date for now guys,but a good suggestion accepted by many people is the date August 22,2012. 

You might not even know this nor believe it,but here it goes – this party was first ment to be(supposedly)a Fruit Party – its official name was also known as Fruit Party 2012 a few days ago actually.So basically Club Penguin is making a collaboration with another company – it’s not so surprising.It’s their 3rd time already(first time – ”Marvel”,second time – ”Shake It Up”!), but the different thing this time is that the company they are in-collaborating with is not owner by them.That makes it different.

Perhaps a good question to ask now – what is the company Club Penguin is collaborating with now?It is said to be ”Innocent Smoothies”. Don’t know what ”Innocent Smoothie” is?Check out these pictures:



If you ask me,it’s better if you just look it up on ”Google”.

Let’s continue the discussion now.Another good question – is a mascot coming to the party,and if yes – who?The answer is yes.In fact,Rockhopper is said to come at the party.He will arrive with his Migrator too – he will probably bring on something cool,too! 😀

But let’s continue now…Want to hear some interesting trivia about the party guys?Okay!Here it goes:

  • This is the third sponsoring party. First was Marvel Super Hero Takeover and then the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam. This is also the first time the Club Penguin joined a different company NOT under the Walt Disney Company (Club Penguin, Marvel, and Shake It Up are all under the Disney name).
  • This party is for kids to be more excited about fruit and gain interest.It is also for commercializing.
  • There will be an igloo contest during the party.
  • There probably won’t be The Fair 2012 because Rockhopper is coming for this event.(Still Uncertain!)
  • There is going to be a new mini game coming out for this party.
  • You can dress up as fruits during the party,but you can only buy the Fruits with the codes in the UK.(Still Uncertain!)
  • According to Polo Field‘s tweets on July 29, the party is not really a “fruit party” but more of an “adventure party”. This might mean there is an Adventure Party for 2012 after all.

If the last fact is true,and not false,then the party would turn out to be named the ”Adventure Party 2012” – but Club Penguin still said they’re returning the party but it will ”be improved”. 😀

Here’s a picture of Rockhopper carrying fruits during the party.Might be another proof for it,right?


What do you think penguins?It’s your time to say what you think now! 😀



Club Penguin – What’s New In August 2012?

July 31, 2012

Hey penguins.It’s me Green on line again.And it’s time to report some stuff about Club Penguin again – this time we have the Club Penguin blog.So as you know,every year since 2010 Club Penguin makes a ”What’s New In August?” – it is made especially for August.I don’t know why though. Probably because August is currently the most unknown month in Club Penguin.

Every year as some of you know there is a different party in August – but it is usually something unique from every other year.In August 2010 there was  a Mountain Expedition.In August 2011 there was a Great Snow Race.And now in August 2012…you’ll just have to keep on reading guys! 😉

Club Penguin announces:

”We’ve heard a lot of rumors about what’s new in August, so I wanted to share some more details. Many of you have asked what the next party will be… I’m happy to announce that it will be a new and improved Adventure Party!!!”

Heard that guys?There’s a new Adventure Party coming to Club Penguin this year,too.I meant that it’s a returning party actually – we had it in 2009,2010,2011 and now,we might have it in 2012 again!:D

And if you keep on reading at the Club Penguin Blog,you will see more exciting stuff!

Check out these cool sneak peeks of the upcoming events in August 2012,that Club Penguin provided us:



Cool,huh?If you can’t figure out anything from these pictures,don’t worry! Club Penguin is gonna release more sneak peeks soon!Just keep checking out this blog here for the latest Club Penguin news and updates!Now… for something unusual – very unusual news!

I quote again from Club Penguin’s blog:

”In other news… I wanted to introduce you to the newest official Club Penguin blogger… DAFFODAILY5! ”

That’s awesome,don’t you think guys?An official CP blogger that isn’t from the team?That is something new,unusual but still awesome!Comment below about this guys!What do you think about all of this cool stuff happening around in Club Penguin?

Oh,and I almost forgot…sorry,here’s a picture of the blogger ”DAFFODAILY5” on Club Penguin in-game. 😉


Daffodaily5 will be posting UK-exclusive news and updates right here on the What’s New Blog! She’s really nice, so make sure you introduce yourself.

And that’s all from Club Penguin – you heard them.Now,you are hearing me – comment below what you think guys!Isn’t it all awesome?Can you wait for the Adventure Party this year? 😀


Club Penguin Glitch – Get On Stage At V.I.P. Room!*SECRET REVEALED*

July 30, 2012

Hey guys!Remember the post I made yesterday?In it I talked about the new cool Club Penguin glitch everyone was talking about.So apparently,I have studied it enough to finally tell you the secret to it!

So,first of all,to say – it is available only for members due to the fact the V.I.P. Room is available only for members during the Ultimate Jam 2012. And now,here is the glitch’s walkthrough-tutorial.Enjoy it and please follow my blog and subscribe my YouTube channel for more awesome secrets and tricks! 😀

NOTE: The glitch might NOT work for everyone at the first try! Like I said in the video above,you have to try several times until you succeed.Also check if you’re doing everything right as well! 😀

Good luck guys!I will be here soon again with more news! 😀

~Green 😉

Club Penguin Glitch – Get On Stage At V.I.P. Room!

July 29, 2012

Hey penguins!I am here today with a new glitch for you guys…many penguins have been wondering how it works,and even I am still studying it… But,it might not be considered very new too – it was here a few days ago,so I will just show it to you.

In this glitch you can get on the stage at the V.I.P. Room,where you can’t usually go.It is a glitch and really many penguins want to know how to do it. But right now I am just going to show it to you with a picture.Here it goes:

Tell me what do you think in the comments below guys!I am going to study the glitch a little and hopefully I will post a tutorial later. 🙂


Big Time Rush – Til I Forget About You – CPMV Collab!

July 28, 2012

Hey guys!It’s Green with another CPMV announcement!As you already know,because of the Ultimate Jam this year,I am special CPMVs just for the special musical event!I already made 2 for 1 week and I am thinking of taking a break for now…

But anyways,here it comes – my second CPMV not only for the Jam but for the week,too!Here we go now! 😀

Here’s some information about the CPMV:

If you have noticed this is a CPMV collab – that means that I didn’t work alone.I worked along with Black20005 again,and therefore – I made 2 CPMV collabs with that dude!This time Black was first,and I was second at the parts.And another amazing fact – this CPMV was completed for 4 days! We worked really hard on it and we really hope you like it!

Comment below here what you think about it guys.And also don’t forget to subscribe my and Black’s YT channels and thumbs ups on the video.Here are a few links:

Greenocool10′s(my)YouTube Channel:

Black20005′s YouTube Channel:


That’s about it for now guys,but stay tooned for more here! :wink:


Kurt Calleja – This Is The Night – CPMV Collab!

July 28, 2012

Hey guys!If you haven’t checked my videos in a while and you should if you’re a Green fan,you definetily would of not noticed the awesome new CPMV specials released just for the Ultimate Jam 2012.

Here’s the first CPMV released on July 21 – 1 week ago already!Check it out guys…Here it comes! 😀

Here’s some information about the CPMV:

If you have noticed this is a CPMV collab – that means that I didn’t work alone.I worked along with Black20005(formerly Blacky2005).I did my part and then Black did his part.The idea of the people behind the penguins – in the backgrond,was actually Black’s idea.And also,an amazing fact,this CPMV was completed fully for 2 days.We didn’t work much on it but it turned out great!

Comment below here what you think about it guys.And also don’t forget to subscribe my and Black’s YT channels and thumbs ups on the video.Here are a few links:

Greenocool10’s(my)YouTube Channel:

Black20005’s YouTube Channel:


That’s about it for now guys,but stay tooned for more here! 😉


Club Penguin – A New Igloo Experience!

July 26, 2012

Hey guys!Today the new igloo experience Club Penguin has been working on since a few weeks,is finally released!I will show you the basics – it is pretty cool actually!Let’s check it out,shall we? 😀

So first we have the igloo background – it is darker now.


And then we have the like bar.With the like bar,everyone who visits your igloo and likes it,can just press ”Like”.Penguins can do that once a day and on different saved igloos.


You can also see who particulary has liked your igloo and how many times.In my case,only I have liked my igloo so far! 😉


You can edit your igloo by clicking on the new igloo icon at the down right corner of the screen – right next to your chatbar and options.


After that,you can see your current igloo look,add more new igloos and save them,see how many likes does your igloo have so far,set up who can visit your igloo(friends or everyone),and etc.


If you click on the ”Edit” button you will be taken to a menu where you can change to different igloos,put furniture and items into your igloo,put on music,buy new furniture and igloos,and including a whole new feature: you can now buy different background for your igloo so you can live on a mountain or beach for example!


There are also new features as I told you above,in the new igloo catalog you can buy backgrounds for your igloo.Check them out:









It’s all pretty cool,huh penguins?Comment below what you think guys,ok?Don’t forget to visit my igloo if you are my friend,and like it! 😀

~Green 😉