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Club Penguin – Marvel Takeover Sneak Peek!

June 10, 2012

Hey penguins!How you doing?I am fine.But I am sure you will be good as well when you hear more news about the awesome Marvel Takeover Superhero Party that is coming in 4 days! 😀

So first of all – Club Penguin has released a video-sneak peek on stuff about the party.It features some awesome things!Here it is:

And,then there are some pictures that are not so clear because I took them from the video but I still hope you enjoy them! 😉

The Plaza during the Party:

The Three Sides you can choose during the Party:

A Bank that is going to be active during the Party:

A Super Hero HQ:

A Super Villain HQ:

The Gift Shop during the party – it will give out many cool costumes and some of them will be for ALL players!!!

A Free Background at the Press Conference at the Coffee Shop:

Well,penguins…What do you think?Pretty cool,huh?I think that the party that starts in 4 days is awesome!The best party of the year,so far. 😀



Aunt Arctic Is Online Glitch?

June 2, 2012

Hey guys!There are a lot of stuff to report right now and I have been missing for 2 weeks now.I have not quit.I have still been on YouTube if some of you noticed.I am just busy as usual.

Luckily,I can now report a random thing that just happened for now.When I logged in I saw that I had Aunt Arctic in my friend list and that it tells me that she is online.Here’s a pic – just a glitch perhaps? 😀

It’s nothing big.And for the ones who are asking for my next part of the movie…well,it’s a bit delayed.It was supposed to come out yesterday but it’s coming out hopefully this night or tomorrow morning! 😀