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Club Penguin – Pizza Parlor Glitch 2012!

May 13, 2012

Hey there penguins!This is probably my 6th or 7th post for the day but as I said – there are many things I forgot to post in the past few days.In the upcoming week I will probably be pretty busy.But let’s get on the news now – there has been a new glitch in the Pizza Parlor and you can walk above the door of the Parlor using it.

Here’s the video I made about it yesterday.It’s pretty cool. 😀

Hope you like the glitch and the video,too!See you soon guys!:wink:



Medieval Party 2012 Sneak Peek – Clue#6!

May 13, 2012

Hey there penguins!I’m posting these posts pretty fast today,huh?But they are pretty informative and cool – this one is probably the coolest.It is probably the last clue – clue 6,perhaps.It shows final information about the dragon king.Here’s the clue – enjoy! 😀


Only 9?What does this ”9” mean?Only 9 penguins pass or something – I seriously got no idea,I’m pretty clueless.But luckily you can think of something and say it in the comments bellow!Comment bellow and please let me know if you thought of something.Waddle on for now guys!:D


Medieval Party 2012 Sneak Peek – Clue#5!

May 13, 2012

Hey guys!I finally found the 5th clue for the Medieval Party hunt!If you haven’t found it – don’t worry.I not only found it but I’m going to show it to you.Here it is! 😀

Looks like the dragon doesn’t want peace but only war.I guess we really have to challenge him all when the party starts!Comment bellow about this guys – it is pretty cool,right? 😉


Club Penguin – Constructions for Medieval Party 2012!

May 13, 2012

Hi guys!Remember I said I was gonna post something in this post now that you’ve probably already seen and I’ve seen,too.But I just didn’t have time(as usual)to post it in the past 3 days.But here it goes:

Club Penguin has made some awesome decorations ’bout the Medieval Party this year!They are awesome – check them out.I got a few pictures for ya! 😀


There are some mushrooms groing in the Beach which means that the Beach might not be the Magician’s Kingdom this year – maybe something associated with mushrooms.


There are trees in the Dock,which is strange because it would be better if there were trees for the Earth Day Event 1 month ago…This place might be something  associated with trees this year but it will be somewhat strange.

3.Snow Forts

There appears to be a treasure chest-like thing in the Snow Forts.I got no idea myself,what this thing is for or why is it standing there.


We can see some Medieval party decorations in the Plaza so this will probably be just an old-styled room in the party.

5.Ski Hill

There are some rocky mountains on the Ski Hill – this might be the Dragon’s Base in the Medieval Party  this year!

That’s all for now but it’s pretty awesome,you have to admit!Comment bellow your thoughts about this one,too! 😀


Club Penguin – Mysterious Dragon Shadows Around The Island!

May 13, 2012

Hey penguins!I don’t know why I didn’t post this sometime…like yesterday but I didn’t have much time(as usual).I made a video that some of you might of seen but know it will become official.

There have recently been mysterious dragon shadows and not only shadows but an actual dragon flying around/over the island of Club Penguin!I also got it taped – it can currently be seen on 3 places: Dock,Town and Ski Village.

You can see it in the Town every 1 hour.You can see it in the Ski Village every 30 minutes.And you can see it in the Dock every 15 minutes.

Here’s a video by the way.Pictures coming soon,k? 😉

That’s for the dragon guys!And by the way – in my next post you’ll see something I had to post like 4 days ago,you probably noticed it already!But enough about that here…See ya! 😀


Medieval Party 2012 Sneak Peek – Clue#4!

May 13, 2012

Hey guys!Guess what?The 4th clue came out today and I wanted to post it because it might be somewhat important!Check it out:

This might clear up a few things…So it turns out that there is a possibility that this dragon is a female,and a QUEEN,not a KING(just a possibility maybe).And another thing is that he/she wants to keep an eye on Gary.

That’s strange – either the dragon wants something for Gary or maybe…it’s Herbert in a dragon suit!:O Comment bellow your thoughts and ideas guys – it will be very important! 😀