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Club Penguin Magazine – Issue#4 Bonus Sneak Peek + Free Coin Code!

May 3, 2012

Hey penguins!This is just a quick announcement from me – Green,for the day.I just found a second bonus sneak peek of the upcoming 4th issue of the Club Penguin Magazine UK.Along with it,there’s this coin code that you can get by figuring out the riddles in the sneak peek.Here’s the sneak peek link:

NOTE: You must have Adobe Reader and its newest version to access this PDF(Portable Document Format)file!

And for the ones of you who probably just came for the code,here it is!Enjoy! 😉


It basically unlocks only 500 coins but there are more that are going to be released soon!

See you tomorrow with a new sneak peek of the movie penguins! 😀