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Some Updates and Projects…

April 29, 2012

Hello guys!This is Green here.I haven’t made a post of this kind in a very long period of time – maybe since 2010.If some of you remember I made a simular one in December 2011 but that one might be marked as in another category.Anyways,there are some stuff currently going on with Greenocool Productions…in fact – a lot of stuff happening.This is why I made this post to inform you guys.We have 5 main updates on the list.Here they are:

1.Greenocool Productions = Green Productions

From the day Greenocool started making videos for you guys,he was called ”Greenocool10 Productions”.He became ”Greenocool Productions” about 8 months after the creation of the first video.It was February 2011 then.Now about 15 months(a year and 3 months)later it is time for a change again.Greenocool is changing the name of his videos to ”Green Productions” today on April 29,2012.There might be several more changes in the name so stay tooned(or in-touch)with this blog,ok?

2.Cheats=2;Entertainment = 1!

Cheats are one of the things almost every penguin who has a YouTube account or blog makes.But movies,CPMV’s,Comedies,Horror Movies and etc. are the real thing!Green Productions are starting to make all these new stuff from now on.They are the number 1(top),but of course cheats are the things I started making first and even my first video was about them.I can’t just leave them – I will make them too but they won’t be as much as before.You got that guys?

3.A movie in the making

I think the title of this one says enough about it.Green Productions’ first movie is in the making and will premiere next month(May 2012).It will be awesome – stay subscribed and visit this blog for more info on that one,too!It is going to be a 2-parter and a cool one indeed.I hope you are all going to like it when it comes out.And don’t forget – it isn’t gonna be the only movie!It is going to be the first,there are a lot of things coming up that you don’t know but surely don’t want to miss!I tell ya!

4.New shows?

I think this is one that you can tell the point of it by its title!Not only lots of movies and cheats are coming on the way but new shows with them,too!The new shows will include different things and there will be trailers,commercials and sneak peeks on YouTube and this blog for them!You will also don’t want to miss ’em – I’m sure!More info coming soon for this one…


These are still classified stuff that I won’t mention much about for now but I will try to descibe them with a few words…


And more of course,but as I said earlier above I am not going to give information fully.But tell you what – if your a loyal blog viewer,commenter and subscriber then you will get some classified information for yourself from time to time… 😉


I guess that’s it for now penguins!Don’t stop visiting this blog,watching my videos and subscribing!Waddle on! 😀



Club Penguin New Free Codes April 2012

April 27, 2012

Hey there penguins!There are some cool new codes that unlock items released this month just today by Club Penguin!Check them out – they are the following:
UFOANZUG – Unlocks Green Alien Suit

UFOMASKE – Unlocks Green Alien Mask

Here are some pictures of the items:

Green Alien Mask

Green Alien Suit

Here is a picture of a penguin in-game with the items on.

That is pretty much it for now guys!Enjoy the codes and I will post some more if I find later! 😀

~Green 😉

Club Penguin Earth Day Event 2012 Cheats!

April 19, 2012

Hello guys!I know I haven’t posted anything about the upcoming event that actually started today but anyways – I am going to show you the cheats for it.It isn’t something much but here they are. 😀

The entrance to the party on one of the sides is at the Plaza.Check it out:

You can pick up a free Safari Helmet at the Plaza.

You can pick up this free Safari Helmet at the Town,too!

The entrance on the other side of the party is at the Town again – check this one out,too:

When you enter in the Snow Forts you get to a cool new room.Check it out,guys!

And if you click at the paper at the right down corner of the screen you will get to a new catalog.

There will be lots of information about the endangered species and 4 animal costumes you can buy – 400 coins each!

NOTE: This post will be updated tomorrow with new pictures being added! 😀


1.This ”party” is actually marked as an event – it is reffered to as an event and therefore it is held in only 1 room along with only 1 free item.

2.The Safari Helmet is NOT a returning item.The ”Safari Hat” is an item from some catalogs that first came out in 2008.In 2009 a Green Safari Helmet came out for the Adventure Party 2009.The Safari Helmet is simular to the Safari Hat but has a string attached to it.

3.Rockhopper(a famous adventurous character in Club Penguin)will NOT be making visits at this party.Aunt Arctic(another Club Penguin resident)will be waddling around Club Penguin around this party.

Thanks for reading penguins!See you soon again!

~Green 😉

Club Penguin – Fire VS Water!

April 15, 2012

Hey there guys!I made this little video yesterday about a poll on Club Penguin.Something I haven’t done since more than a year but as the last time it turned out pretty successful.I am going to show you the video now and I really hope you like it.Don’t forget to share it with your friends,vote on it and explain why you chose that answer! 😀

Also don’t forget to thumbs ups on it,share it as I repeat again and subscribe because I am currently running low on subscribers since I got back! 😉


Club Penguin Going Green?!

April 15, 2012

Hey guys!Have you been waddling around Club Penguin lately?If you haven’t then you’d probably miss this one.But if you have…then you wouldn’t be surprised when I tell you that…the Snow Forts are full of sprouts at the moment!

Check it out,here’s a quick pic I made today while waddling around!

What do you think about this?Pretty strange,huh?I thought St.Patrick’s Day already passed!But this is probably for the Earth Day Party coming after 4 days this Thursdau(April 19).Hmmm…still pretty interesting,don’t you think?I will ask CP about them – maybe they might reply me and give us a clue! 😀

As for you guys,just comment bellow and tell me what you think! 😉


Club Penguin Cheats – April 2012 Furniture Catalog

April 12, 2012

Hello there penguins!The new cool furniture catalog of April 2012 came out today and it has some pretty cool new items in it,too.I am here to show you the hidden items/cheats for it.So just here is the video version first and hope you enjoy. :wink:

Club Penguin Cheats – April 2012 Furniture Catalog

Club Penguin Furniture April 2012 Catalog Cheats

Desert Stones

1. Go to Page One

2. Click the Jungle Fern Item
1. Go to Page Two 

2. Click the blue patch on the Hippopotamus
Red Couch
1. Go to page 12.
2. Click on the middle shelf. 

1. Go to page 13.
2. Click on the sub. 

Potted Palm
1. Go to page 14.
2. Click on the Evergreen Plant. 

Cavern Chair
1. Go to page 16.
2. Click on the Swirling Vines. 

Tropical Palm
1. Go to page 17.
2. Click on the ship’s steering wheel. 

Steering Wheel
1. Go to page 18.
2. Click on the ride side of the Violet Velvet Rope. 

1. Go to page 19.
2. Click on the right side paper. 

Ancient Archway
1. Go to page 22.
2. Click on the Treasure Chest. 

Bamboo Torch
1. Go to page 23.
2. Click on the grill. 

Thank you for viewing this post penguins,aswell as for visiting this blog.Hope I helped you and please comment bellow if I helped you or if you have questions.
~Green :D

Club Penguin Easter Egg Hunt 2012

April 9, 2012

Hey penguins!I am here to help you out with this year’s Club Penguin Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt-I hope you I help you and that you enjoy the hunt.Here we go:

1.The first egg is located in the Hidden Lake-right to the entrance when you walk in.

2.The second egg is located in the Bookroom,it’s hidden right behind the comfy chair there.

3.The third egg is located in the Beach,it’s in the rightest part of the screen hidden in the trees-right to the passage to the Dock.

4.The fourth egg is located in the Mine,it is right on the left side of the building.

5.The fifth egg is located in the Cove-it’s right on the Surf Hut.

6.The sixth egg is located in the Gift Shop-it’s located beneath the afro wig/hair – it’s the third wig from left to right on the stand.

7.The seventh egg is located in the Ski Village-it’s right on the track of the chair lifts.

8.The final eight egg is located on the Lighthouse Beacon.It is hidden near the big light buld.

These are all the eggs!

There is also a cool prize if you collect all of the easter eggs.

The Yellow Bunny Years are pretty cool – here is a small picture of them on me:

Here is a video of the Easter Egg Hunt if you prefer watching it on video on YouTube:

In other news,there is a new pin you should check out – the Easter Basket Pin in the Forest.

I hope my walkthrough helped you guys!The cheats for the new catalogs will come out soon so be ready! 😀