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Sorry For No Recent Updates+Staff News!:)

October 2, 2011

Hello guys…This is Greenocool speaking.I am here to say sorry to everyone who still visits this place.As most of you know,I was hacked 3 weeks ago on my main YouTube and for now my first news to say is that Greenocool is not coming back for a few days on YouTube.Sorry for not updating this place too for a whole week.Today and tomorrow I will try to do my best but as for now I am unsure if I rather continue or not…After losing almost every YouTube video I had I am am confused on should I continue-I don’t have soul nor courage anymore and I don’t even get one from the fans.If you want Green back you should comment bellow on this post or my YouTube channel ”Greenocool10CP”-I am not returning without support,I want to note that please!

And now…for the staff news.Alot of you have been willing and asking or even looking forward to be staff but here are 2 reasons of why I am not sure more staff should be allowed for now:

1) No one except 2 guys have send me information about theirselfs and why they want to work here.Remember-without information or reason you won’t be allowed!

2) Since someone hijacked my YouTube account I am trying to be as secure as I can and I will NOT allow people to work here if they want to do bad to me and harm my site.I am pretty secure and worried someone will just shut down the site or mix it up-I do NOT want this to happend,ok?!

And now for the final updates! If you want to be staff please send an appliement using this link:

Just double click it,copy it and paste it in the address bar to go there.If you are sure and already send an appliement it is possible I already read it and wrote you in my list!Then just invite my blog to join yours and I will check you.If you are in you are accepted,if not you will get an email within 48 hours saying to use the link to send an appliement!

If you don’t know how to invite!

Just go to your Dashboard and then click on ”Users” bellow ”Ratings”.Select ”Invites” from the pop-up menu.Now enter the following information to invite me:

First Name: Greenocool

Last Name: CP


Personal Message: ”I want to work for your site,Green!; )

~Sincerely by (Insert Name Here)”

Check: Add to my blogroll after signup

Check: Add user to my blog as a contributor

And that is all it for now.Thanks for reading this,please spread the word guys!Bye for now! ;D