Club Penguin Free Coin Code-Free Purple Jacket!

Hey penguins.There is an awesome thing now on Club Penguin!It’s a free coin code that everyone can get the new purple exclusive jacket/ purple hoodie that is usually unlocked with a payed coin code.Now,there is this special glitch where the item is not patched and you can use this code to unlock it for everyone-member or non-member!Here is how:

1.Log in a CP account to unlock by clicking on the coin icon  on the homepage.

Club Penguin Free Green Jacket Code

2.Then enter the following code on ”Unlock Items Online”:


3.Congratulations!You now unlocked the cool green jacket/hoodie for free without real code!Enjoy!;D

Club Penguin Free Unlockable Purple Hoodie

Have you unlocked it yet?If not,hurry up now!If you find this give credits to me and Chrisdog93!;D

Here is how it looks on your penguin:

This is so awesome,right?Remember the green hoodie-it is next to the purple now!Tell me bellow guys-do you have the green hoodie and purple?;D

Gotta go now-see you tomorrow,guys!;D

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11 Comments on “Club Penguin Free Coin Code-Free Purple Jacket!”

  1. cometear Says:

    Im sorry to get back to you so late!
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  2. leny Says:

    nice hah

  3. Paul Green Says:

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  5. zack Says:

    i got purple jacket

  6. Leyana Says:

    Heres a bunch of other awesome club penguin codes i know that anyone can use!

    D23EXP11 – Purple Cross-hatched Hoodie
    FREEHOOD – UK Hoodie
    PUMPKIN1 – Pumpkin Hat
    MMCODE12 – Guitar Shirt
    HPHONES1 – Puffle Headphones
    UFOANZUG – Alien Jacket
    UFOMASKE – Alien Mask
    EPFAGENT – EPF Head Visor
    DJUBILEE – King’s Crown
    DSKYRIDE – Blue Track Suit
    DECNLR10 – 500 coins
    JUNNLR11 – 500 coins
    MMCODE11 – 500 coins
    TOGETHER – 500 coins
    BIGWHITE – 500 coins
    SHRIMP64 – 500 coins
    J6YELLOW – 500 coins
    HADDOCK7 – 500 coins
    ARCTIC20 – 500 coins
    DRILLOFF – 500 coins
    EPFRULES – 500 coins
    REDBEARS – 500 coins
    3CARAMEL – 500 coins
    LOVESNOW – 500 coins
    JAZZJAKE – 500 coins
    JAPANTEA – 500 coins
    74YELLOW – 500 coins
    DARKSTAR – 500 coins
    DRUMROLL – 1000 coins
    KEYBOARD – 1000 coins
    PINKDOJO – 1000 coins
    EQUIPE10 – 500 coins
    THEWALLS – 500 coins
    COFFEE12 – 500 coins
    TOMATO22 – 500 coins
    CANDYKAI – 500 coins
    SILVER14 – 500 coins
    KLUTZY15 – 500 coins

  7. dj tj Says:

    hey what sever do you hang out on? = )

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