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Rockhopper Tracker September 2011+Tracking Tips!

September 24, 2011

Hello guys!Ever wanted to track Rockhopper in Club Penguin?Well,now you can-you can meet him and get his autograph by using my Rockhopper Tracker September 2011!Here are a few little stuff you need to know before we begin:

1.Who is Rockhopper?

Captain Rockhopper (commonly known as Rockhopper) is a friendly pirate penguin and a sailor who regularly sails to Club Penguin Island in his ship, The Migrator, about every two months or so. He is always accompanied by his red puffle, Yarr. You can also get a stamp for being in the same room as him. His ship is always docked at the Beach. Rockhopper only comes on certain occasions. He keeps a journal of his adventures, and sells rareitems brought over from Rockhopper Island. When he comes to Club Penguin Island, he gives away a free item and sells other items tomember penguins in the Rockhopper’s Rare Items catalog.The catalog includes items such as pirate hats, telescopes, Migrator background, Penguins can sometimes see Rockhopper in random places in random servers when he docks on Club Penguin Island. Players can receive a free gift from Rockhopper by clicking what is usually the “Add Buddy” icon on his player card. Rockhopper is named after the actual species of penguin.

And now let’s get to the tracking.Basically,these trackers are made to track famous maskots or penguins so you can meet them by using them.I have my own site trackers and I am always trying to do the best on updating them!You can’t refresh these trackers yet so you need to refresh the whole page.But I think they will lead you to atleast some clue of where Rockhopper is.Now here’s the tracker!

NOTE:If tracker is not updated for some reason here are the written tracks that will always stay updated:




2.Tips on Tracking Rockhopper!

If you can’t find Rockhopper using the tracker or have any problem with the tracker or written letters not updating then I will give you myself some tips on tracking him on your own/yourself!Here they are:

  1. Use the Rockhopper Tracker September 2011 first of all that I made!
  2. If it isn’t updated or doesn’t work for now,use the written letters you see below it.
  3. This is the first ever tip on tracking him on your own.Rockhopper usually goes only to his favourite servers.His favourite servers are usually the crowded ones but he has some in which he always goes on:
    Mammoth,Blizzard,Frozen,Alaska,Zipline and etc.If he is on none of these you can try just going on a full server!
  4. Rockhopper is not always on Club Penguin so in this case you have to wait for a while or go to a random server to find him.Don’t always believe rumours of  where penguins says that Rockhopper is.They are most likely proven false.In this case is best to use my tracking devices.
  5. If you don’t know how Rockhopper looks,here is how:he wears a black pirate hat with a white puffle on it,has black beard,he is red and for some still unknown reason-slighly bigger and taller than all of the penguins.
  6. If you can’t find him in the room or don’t know if he is in the room look for other penguins.If they are shouting his name or there is some kind of a panic or crowd it is more likely he is there.
  7. If you are still not sure you can check the ”People in Room” option by going to your ”Buddies” and then clicking on the next smiley face to it.Scroll down and look for the name ”Rockhopper”.It is easy to find as it is not like the others-it is not just a face or face with a small smile-it is a face with a big laughing smile.You will definetily see him that way.
  8. Rockhoppers comes on a server for 5-20 minutes so make sure you try to catch him in the beginning when you see him!After that you have to switch server to meet him again.
  9. Rockhopper may be controlled by bots,computers or be an actual real moderator controlling him.You will actually know and realize the difference once you see him.He can also be on different servers at the same time so check out some servers yourself.If you can’t find a server or can’t guess use this tracker.
  10. Rockhopper can be usually seen in the rooms like:Plaza,Migrator,Town,Cove,Beach,Iceberg,Lighouse and etc. on the servers:Mammoth,Zipline,Alaska,Yeti,Blizzard,Frozen and usually other full and famous servers.If he is on none he must be just offline or on an empty server.
  11. Comment on this post please!All comments will be automatically accepted!Comment if you see or meet Rockhopper with the details so other people can instantly track that way,too!But still remember:no spamming,posing,swearing,cussing and advertising!Only on the topic please,all comments will be checked every 4 hours!:)
  12. This is my last tip.If nothing here helps you then you can contact me by posting a comment for tips!If nothing ever of here helps you,then look at other trackers and sites.Then look everything yourself on your own.

Good luck tracking Rockhopper everyone! ~Greenocool

I hope all of this helped you penguins!Bye-see you later!;D


The Fair 2011 Cheats:Full Guide!

September 22, 2011

Hey penguins!The cool Fair started today on Club Penguin!It is full of awesomeness and surprices!Check it out!Also check out the full guide of cheats I made to help you out with everything you know and don’t know!Let’s start!:)

Here’s a picture of a room example of how ”The Fair” looks this year:

So,you are wondering-how do I earn prizes?Do I buy them or maybe I trade something for them like coins or something?Well,let’s start with the explaining on that,too!To buy something in ”The Fair” you have to trade for it.But NOT with ordinary coins or something like that.There are special things called ”tickets”.You have to have tickets to trade them for prizes!To earn tickets you have to play special games available ONLY at ”The Fair”.After every game you get tickets and then you can spend them on rewards!Check out the guide Club Penguin made on earning them!

NOTE:When you log off you loose all of your tickets you have earned and not spend yet!Spend unused tickets if you have any ALWAYS before logging off!

So then you can trade the tickets at special prize boots where the items are located.There is always one for non-members and one for members that is in a special members-only area.From 2008 the non-member one has always been standing in the ”Forest”.This year it hasn’t changed.Check it out there:

The current items you can get for now this year are the following.Here’s a picture first.;D

List of Items and Their Current Price;

  1. Purple Balloon Pin: 75 Tickets
  2. Trapeze Hat: 250 Tickets
  3. Jingle Jange Hat: 250 Tickets
  4. Balloon Background: 75 Tickets
More items are coming September 29th,Thursday(in one week)!
The members prize boot changed from the years but since 2009 it has always been above the ”Forest” along with the ”Great Puffle Circus”!Check out the items at the member’s prize boot,too.
NOTE:I am not a member,so I can’t show you how the circus looks althought I already know.The picture above is taken from ”Club Penguin Memories”.Thank you!Copyright goes to them!:)
1.Click on the 3rd white flag from left to right.
2.You will get the ”Red Balloon”.

1.Click on the 2nd red flag from left to right.
2.You will get the ”Toy Turtle”.
NOTE:The picture above is taken from ”Club Penguin Gang”.Thank you Mimo!Copyright goes to him!:)
In other news,did you know Rockhopper,the penguin pirate,comes every year for some parties several times!He is for ”The Fair” this year again!He usually always brings one free item and some rare items for members.Go check out what is the free item for everyone this time!:)
It is a…Inky Squid Lid!Looks simular to a last year’s item,right?The squid lid!It is pretty cool thought.Just pick it up!
Also,Rockhopper always makes a ”What To Do” list which is located at the ”Ship Quarters”.This years for the ”The Fair” is:
Except all of this you can get a free background at the ”Ski Village”,too!Just go there,sit on the chair in front of the camera you see and click the camera!You will get a  ”Step Right Up” background then!
Here is how the background actually looks:
And finally we will end everything with 2 free pins to get!The first one is hidden in the Coffee Shop.Do the following to get it:
The pin is a…
…A snowcone!That’s right!What?Seriously-we can’t eat it!Damn!;/ Awww,well…we will get going witht the other pin atleast.It is at the Dojo!
Yup!A milkshake pin!Yummy,but still not edible!:( Anyways,hope you had fun at this year ”The Fair” cheats!Have fun guys!More cheats soon!Bye penguins!;D

Rockhopper Seen In The Telescope!

September 15, 2011

Hey penguins!Noticed the decoration for the Fall Fair in store first of all?Well-that’s not important in this post.I will show it tomorrow,ok?But,now…Rockhopper is coming,see yourself at the telescope now!:D

Club Penguin: Rockhopper Seen In Telescope!

Cool,huh?Are you excited about the Fall Fair now even more?What would Rockhopper have in store for us now?This is getting even awesomer!Comment what you think bellow!;) Bye for now!

Fairy Faibles Is Back At The Stage!

September 15, 2011

Hey guys!Have you noticed it is the 15th September already?Fall Fair is in a week and this has nothing to do with the update…So-Fairy Fables returns at the stage as a play.It is a nice play,I think it’s cool.:)

Here’s a picture of the Stage outside:

And,now-how it looks from the inside(definetily better than outside,lol-huh?);)

So what do you think about it?Do you like it-is it cool?Are you excited about the Fall Fair?Comment everything bellow in the comments.And also vote on my new poll coming tomorrow!;) See ya later guys,gotta go to bed.See ya tomorrow!

Now Working For Red’s Site!

September 14, 2011

Hello there guys!Good news for now is that I am officialy working now for Super Red’s site too!;D Here’s the link,go check it out-it’s cool!:)

So yeah,I will be reporting there too and by the way-I am now hiring staff at my site too.Check it out please it is above this post,because it’s featured!Bye for now guys!;D

September 11, 2011

Club Penguin-Puffle Launch for iPad,iPhone and iPod Touch Exclusive!

September 10, 2011

Hello guys!Guess what?I have found an exclusive more information about the new Puffle Launch App that Club Penguin mentioned a few days ago!It is coming out September 15th in the App Store for iPad,iPhone and iPod Touch!Here is the information now:

It is going to be about a cool red puffle called Daredevil(cool name,huh?).He tries to enjoy all the O-Berries one day,when suddenly Klutzy starts stealing it all using a special flying machine,possibly created by him and Herbert-it can be seen in the original Puffle Launch game in Club Penguin.So,in this game your mission is to get all of your food back chasing Klutzy through 24 awesome levels!Here is what it also features:

Take on 24 high-speed levels
Get back all the Puffle O’s, dodge obstacles, and seize the fiery prize at the end of every level.

Earn & Transfer virtual coins to your account
Earn tons of virtual coins, and transfer them to your account on the computer!

Blast through the skies with touch controls
Use your multi-touch skills to the extreme and blast the daredevil pet puffle through the skies to get the Puffle O’s back!

Challenge the crab boss
Battle the cranky crab and his pesky mechanical claw. Counter his moves with some of your own.

Unlock 3 extreme modes
Take on Time Trial Mode, Turbo Mode, and replay all the levels in Slo-Mo.

Here are also some pictures!;D

It all seems pretty awesome,huh?Check out the video story of what I described in the beginning of the best,it is cool,too!;)

So,guys…tell me-when the game comes out are you going to buy it?It seems pretty awesome!:D

Catch ya on later-bye for now!;D