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Club Penguin Beta Team: Puffle Pop

August 30, 2011

Hello everyone!Noticed Club Penguin made its newest game that we have to test!Check it out-it is called ”Puffle Pop” and it is simular to some games like ”Bubble Pop” and etc. that you have seen.Here is a picture:

Comment below what you think about this-are CP games getting cooler now?See ya later guys!;D


Club Penguin-Updated Community Fan Art!

August 30, 2011

Hello guys!Club Penguin has released everyone’s newest Fan Art,check out everything!;D

Club Penguin recently updated their Community Fan Art page yesterday, but it looks like they have updated it again! They have removed some of  the pictures from it and put in some fresh new ones. These look better than ever! A picture is below.

Hmm, I am wondering what is going on with the updating. Like stated in the Featured Igloo post, we’ll have to wait and see! Leave a comment to let us know what you think of these Fan Art pictures.


Hope you like them-they are pretty cool!Comment below what you think about it,and by the way-sorry I wasn’t posting in 3 days,I was bussy again.;D Bye for now!;D

Club Penguin Cheats-Operation Hibernation Walkthrough

August 26, 2011

Hey penguins!I am here to help you with the operation Hibernation by making this walkthrough.So the full video walkthrough is here below.Hope it helps you catch Herbert and stop him for now.Or maybe for the next 10 months…

Subscribe to this blog for more,guys!In other news I reached 1000 subscribers on YouTube-woot!Party detaisl coming soon!;D

Club Penguin Cheats-The Great Snow Race 2011

August 26, 2011

Hello guys!I am happy to say that The Great Snow Race started in Club Penguin yesterday.And I wanted to show you the cheats for it.So just enjoy them.Here are the video cheats.

And also as some of you can see,I am currently using my backup 2nd penguin since my main one got banned for a while.Anyways,hope this helped.Make sure to comment if it helped!Check out my other post coming soon today!;)

Club Penguin-Strange Glitch:Everyone Is Wearing Dark Black

August 24, 2011

UPDATE:This glitch has been fixed shortly after!;)

Hello penguins!Good morning,hope you got the green jacket last night,because it might get patched soon.Lots of penguins got it and are having fun with it now,how awesome it that?But now-let’s get to the point of this post.Well…there has been this new strange CP glitch,in which everyone’s color is permanetly changed to black and can not be changed!And not only BLACK,but DARK black.Dark Black is an unavailable color in CP yet,but everyone absolutely everywhere is wearing it and can’t take it off!Here is a picture:

I made an investigation and turns out everyone in every room/server is black,and as I said,not only black but DARK black.And then I started thinking-possible new CP color,a big color update,another cool glitch?What can it possibly be?Comment below everyone!What do you think?Video of investigation coming soon.Bye!;D

Club Penguin Free Coin Code-Free Green Jacket!

August 23, 2011

UPDATE:Club Penguin has made this cheat unavailable!Sorry for the ones who didn’t get it.;(

Hey penguins.There is an awesome thing now on Club Penguin!It’s a free coin code that everyone can get the green jacket/green hoodie that is usually unlocked with a payed coin code.Now,there is this special glitch where the item is not patched and you can use this code to unlock it for everyone-member or non-member!Here is how:

1.Log in a CP account to unlock by clicking on the coin icon  on the homepage.

Club Penguin Free Green Jacket Code

2.Then enter the following code on ”Unlock Items Online”:


3.Congratulations!You now unlocked the cool green jacket/hoodie for free without real code!Enjoy!;D

Club Penguin Free Green Jacket Code

Have you unlocked it yet?If not,hurry up now!If you find this give credits to me and Chrisdog93!;D

Here is how it looks on your penguin:

Here is how it looks in your inventory:

See ya later guys!Hope you like the awesome new cheat!;D

New Club Penguin EPF Messages From The Director!

August 23, 2011

Hello penguins!Are you an EPF agent?If not,you should become instantly!Because,at the moment the Director is sending us some important messages.It is about the 2nd step of catching Herbert forever!It is called ”Hibernation”!If you want to see the natural definition of hilbernation click here.

Here is a picture of the first and second messages:

New Club Penguin EPF Message From Director

Club Penguin EPF Message From Director   8/22

Do you think he will really hibernate and fall into our plan?Will we ever catch Herbert or this time?

Comment about what you think below!We need your opinion now!See ya later!;D