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Club Penguin Newspaper Issue#272

December 31, 2010

Woot penguins!Happy New Year that is coming!I am going to be the 1st one to report about the new newspaper issue!Check it out what has in store the issue of the week!;D

CP wants to reflect some of the most exciting events of this year(2010) and also wishes us a Happy new Year!:D Happy New Year to the CP team,too!

Cool,another news flash!;D It shows us another secret already.Can you find this message from RH in Club Penguin?

The Deck the Halls igloo contest of CP 2010 was succesfull as millions of penguins tried to enter,but only 40 of them got the runner-up prizes.Congratulations to these penguins:

  1. Zenn36
  2. Sisjha
  3. Rock Boy 888
  4. Mikemicmike
  5. Lt5000
  6. Ijloo
  7. Ice Star103
  8. Cutey Poo
  9. 8 Meg 2000
  10. Tubsloos

More winners(runer-runner-ups):

  1. Wobbly090
  2. Will770
  3. Kate967
  4. Blueguinpen
  5. Raptor Rex45
  6. Chickeni1
  7. Candy73279
  8. Motorbrick
  9. Lenara Bean
  10. Gobber66

And now we get to the CP events again as every usual other issue:

  • Fireworks from the 30th of December-the 3rd of January
  • New penguin style comes out 7th of January
  • New snow and sports catalog comes out January 14th(pretty fast a new catalog,don’t you think)

That was the newspaper of the week,penguins!Hope you liked it!:D

This time tell me in the comments what do you thinK about the new year and what also do you think is going to be in it?What do yuo think is going to be the free item in these events and are they going to be new?For more info check 5 posts below!;D


Club Penguin Saving Password Glitch!

December 31, 2010

Hey guys!As you know under my blog title there is always a sign saying glitches and that is the idea why I always report glitches,too tought they aren’t always the most intresting thing in CP.But today’s glitch is this…

When you try to save your penguin’s password and username,it usualy pops up the normal sign.Well guess what?Now it’s a little different!Here are the pictures:

And then almost the same letters pop up when you continue:

But anyways,you should just ignore that glitch and just click the sign ”**save_password**” and your penguin will be saved.

Club Penguin Weekly Field Op Cheats#29

December 30, 2010

The new field op is here penguins!Here is the guide to it once again!;D

  1. Pick up your spy phone.
  2. Teleport to EPF HQ.
  3. Click on the field op board.
  4. Accept the field op.
  5. Open your map.
  6. Go to the forest.
  7. Then go in hidden lake.
  8. Go near aqua grabber machine now!
  9. Pick up the spy phone.
  10. Do the puzzle for this week!

Congratulations!You did this week’s field op mission once again!:D Here is a picture guide if you didn’t undertsand:

This was this week’s field op cheat!Thank you for watching it!See ya tomorow penguins!;D

Club Penguin Fireworks+New pin!

December 30, 2010

Hey penguins!This is pretty rare,but it’s now possible.Club Penguin’s fireworks are back again!Here is a picture of them in the places they are shown:

And the new pin cheat now:

Then when you go on it,it will ask you to pick it up:

And there you go-you got another CP pin!;DHope you like the fireworks and btw New Year’s tomorow!Tell your feelings in the comments!:D

Ruby and The Ruby Catalog Cheats

December 29, 2010

Here are the current cheats for Ruby and The Ruby in the catalog that you can find in the right down corner or just click the costume trunk.Here is firstly the cover:

Here is a little more info about the characters first:

1.Jacques Hammer:

The others are Miss Ruby,Tenor and Dom,but there isn’t info about them much.So anyways here are the catalog cheat(s):

The hidden background cheat at the end:

You can get this one by pulling the list down at the back cover.These we’re all of the cheats,but if you want the NEW pin unlock cheat check out my post below.Comment on if the cheats helped!;D

Club Penguin-Ruby and The Ruby returns to stage!

December 29, 2010

Hello penguins.This wasn’t reported in the newspapers today or the last week,but anyways the returning stage Ruby and The Ruby is back and I can tell you-this one is one of my favourtes!;D And it returns with a new pin so let’s start with the pictures:

1.The stage outside:

2.The stage inside:

3.Click these items in this order to unlock the NEW pin:

4.New pin look:

The returning play looks pretty cool,doesn’t it?I think that it’s awesome!What do you think about it?Comment below!;D

Club Penguin 2011 Events!*EXCLUSIVE*

December 27, 2010

Hey guys.Today I found some exclusive CP events that for now have a 90% chance of coming on Club Penguin!First to show you that this isn’t photoshoped or fake,here is the strategy board the CP Team wrote them on:

Here are the listed events that I could read from the strategy board:

  1. January-System Defender
  2. January-Expedition Party
  3. Jauary-iPhone phase1a
  4. January-Help section
  5. January-Translate book games
  6. February-Puffle Party
  7. February-Puffle Collision Cause
  8. March-iPhone phase1b
  9. March-St.Patrick Day
  10. March-DCE. Save Data
  11. March-Data Center Migrator
  12. March-Card Jitsu Water Expansion Desk
  13. April-April Fool’s Party
  14. April-Earth Day Party
  15. April-New CP Magazine
  16. May-Medieval Party
  17. May-Blog renovasion
  18. June-Blackout
  19. June-Adventure Party
  20. June-iPhone phase2-puffle
  21. July-Board Game
  22. July-Epf Deck
  23. More-February Pizzatron Stamps
  24. More-March Treasure Hunt Stamps
  25. More-April Ice Fishing Stamps
  26. More-March-EPF Stealth Class

Well,this was all for now penguins!Hope you are excited!Comment below on what you think!;D