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Club Penguin New Card Jitsu Logging Screen+New servers added!

November 30, 2010

Hey there penguins!Long time-no post!XD LOL Sorry I was offline for a while but now I am back with a few things to show you and so now let’s start with the new logging screen CP invented…Wait,CP already invented one?Well this is a hall new intresting edition!Check it out,it’s also about stamps:

And now for the new servers that CP added!Check them out the new servers-Downhill,Elevation,Misty and Tea!

Isn’t it cool penguins?In other news there are new french,portuguese and other new servers to check on later!The question of the week for now is:

When do you think CP will make up to 200 servers?


So hope you firgure it on penguis and see ya later!;D


Card Jitsu Water Released+New stamps!

November 25, 2010

Hey penguins!The new CJ game is finaly released!And there is lot to show about it in these pictures down!

The new game at the ninja hideout:

Then here is the dojo inside:

And here is how the game looks when you play it(it’s diffrent from all the others from now!):

Here are some other pictures of the…


The instruction and help:

Costume items:

That’s all for now!Bye for now penguins!;D

Club Penguin Chinese Version Coming Soon?

November 22, 2010

Woah!Check out this penguins!It’s really strange…I found it along with my friends waddling around in CP!It a logging screen about CP China!

Also when you try to log in it shows you another sign!

The pictures are cool but it still says it’s under construction!I hope CP makes chinese servers soon!XD I think it will be fun going in on them…Anyways comment on what do you think about it and when do ya think it’s coming?:D

P.S.-Link is now finally found to the game,but still now any updates!Check out the link:

Check it out and comment if you think it’s cool!:D

Club Penguin Official Sensei Tracker 2010+New water pin!

November 20, 2010

Hello penguins!First to start of with the newspaper post!Well I am really sorry but somehow it got lost somewhere so I’m posting it today and copying it from another site and please don’t blame me!And secondly Sensei has been recently been sawn on Club Penguin?Did yo knew?No!?Well then don’t worry at all,because Greenocool is here to help again!With this Sensei Tracker November 2010 you can track Sensei in seconds!Try it out here:


Tips on finding Sensei:

1. The Sensei Tracker is extremely accurate, and constantly updated. During peak hours of the day, it is updated every few minutes or seconds! This means you need to keep checking the tracker by refreshing the page. Sometimes you will need to clear your browser cache to see the new image since it is dynamic. Click here to refresh the Sensei Tracker

2. Sensei is a blue penguin, with a white beard, a red suit, and a hat.

3. Sensei is usually found only in exclusive rooms. For the Halloween party, he can only be found in his Dojo. Do not check other rooms because he will not be there. Only check Fire Dojo.

4. Sensei goes on the most popular servers on Club Penguin, especially during peak hours of the day. Some of Gary’s favorite servers are Mammoth, Frozen, Blizzard, Abominable, Fjord, and Sleet. Check these servers first.

5. Sensei will always have tons of penguins crowding him on Club Penguin. If there is a crowd, make sure you check the room extra hard for Sensei.

6. Since Sensei is always crowded, it can get difficult to find him in the room. In this case, use the users in room list in the bottom right of your toolbar. The list is alphabetized. Scroll down and look for the username Sensei.

7. Sensei constantly changes servers. He usually logs on for about 10-15 minutes. This means you have to be fast and keep checking the Sensei Tracker. Click here to refresh the Club Penguin Sensei Tracker!

8. Sensei can go on more than one server at a time. Sometimes Sensei is a robot, sometimes he is an actual Club Penguin employee, and occasionally Sensei is logged in as a robot and an employee on two different servers. You can find Sensei in more than one server.

9. If you do find Sensei, be sure to leave a comment on this post with what server you found Gary in, and what time you found him. If you are looking to find Sensei, check the comments on this post for a recent location.

Thank you for using our tracker! Remember to comment if you find Sensei!

Here are also some pictures I took because I already met Sensei!;D

Official meeting Sesei November 2010 video I made:

See ya later penguins and good luck to all of you with meeting Sensei!;D

P.S.-The new pin is at the Ice Berg as the pin tracker says!It’s a new water pin!Isn’t it cool!

Club Penguin Play Space Adventure Planet Y Returns!

November 19, 2010

Hey there penguins!The new play is finaly returning today and if you could think of it it hasn’t returned even from January 2008!Isn’t it cool?Anyways here it is:


Inside the play:

Club Penguin Field Op 23 Cheats!

November 19, 2010

Hey penguins!The new field op 23 came out this morning early and I wanted to show it to you because it’s in an easy place but still hard to guess…XD

  1. Click on your spyphone.
  2. Go to epf command room.
  3. Then accept the field op!
  4. After that exit the EPF room.
  5. You will be in the epf test room.
  6. In there you should see a screen.
  7. Go under the screen.
  8. Pick up your spyphone.
  9. Complete the puzzle!

Congratulations!You got the field op for this week!Now go and trade it for some gear if your a member!;D


Reviewed By You:Unusual Weather!

November 18, 2010

Hello Penguins!


Last week we wanted to know what you’re doing to celebrate the strange weather and 12hello15 said:


I am taking my puffles for walks in the rain. They love jumping in puddles and getting soaked. Then we stop at the pizza parlor for a pizza and to dry off before going home to my igloo and listening to the rain pounding against the roof. I Hope it rains again on Club Penguin its really fun and my puffles and I really love it. WADDLE ON!

Thanks 12hello15 – it’s cool to know your puffle likes the rain!



Starting this week, the new Club Penguin Times will be coming to you a little later than you’re used to.


Check for the paper on Thursday by 2 p.m. Penguin Standard Time from now on.


This week’s edition features new updates on Card-Jitsu Water – don’t miss it!


Speaking of Card-Jitsu, this week we want to know – what’s been your favorite experience as a ninja so far?

Write your Reviewed By You answer as a comment. We’ll post one (50 – 75 words, please) in next week’s Reviewed By You. If your submission is chosen to be the feature comment on next week’s blog, we’ll add 10,000 coins to your penguin account. Don’t forget to use your penguin name so we can add coins!


Until then… Waddle on!



– Club Penguin Team


Until the new newspaper comes out waddle on penguins!;D