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What’s coming up in August?(sneak peek)

July 31, 2010

Hello penguins!Sinse July is coming to an end a new sneak peek appeared at the blog about August!And I think that is gonna be very exiting in Ausust,too!So here are the planed things for August!

A brand new event called the Mountain Expedition is coming soon. And it’ll have LOTS of surprises for members. Check out the items at the Gift Shop soon for gear!

There will be updates for Elite Agents. Keep your eyes on the Command Room and your Elite Gear…

And finally, something that everyone can look forward to… More stamps!

There are lots of surprises set for next month – so let us know what you think they may be!

Until then… Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on July 30 2010 02:35

And that’s from the blog!So let me know what you think about it!Bye!


Club Penguin events:Part Two

July 30, 2010

Hi again penguins!And today we continue with the events in club penguin!And our second one is the weekly field opp 7!Here it is:

Here is how to get the medal:

  1. Go to the lighhouse.
  2. Then go to the beacon.
  3. And now finaly stand on the place with the big bulb.
  4. Play the game and earn the medal!

Here is the place:

I have collected all of the medals for now(and have traded only 1 of them)and I got 6 medals:

Well that was for the field opp!Now the last thing…the new stage!Underwater Adventure is here again!

And the stage catalog!But I want to tell you that there are no cheats in the catalog!

And also there is a new background!

Here is  how it looks on your playercard:

Well these are all the cheats and events for now!But I am sure there will be much more in August so stay toon!By the way,comment!Bye!

Greenocool10 is back and lots happening in Club Penguin!

July 30, 2010

Hi penguins!I am back again!Sorry if some of you didn’t hear that I wasn’t in town for 10 days….and I am so sorry!But there is no time!There are a lot of new things that have happened in Club Penguin sense I was gone…but we will never finish ’till we start so let’s get going with the cheats and the news:

  1. First let’s start with one of the most newest things-the stampes!

Do you like them?Which one is your favourite?Please comment!

But that” not all!Here are some other things and pictures about the stampes:

As you can see lots of the games have changed!But you can earn stamps!Oh and I forgot you have your own stamp book now:

And things in it:

There are lots of stampes and other things to collect!The stamps are 107 in total!And speaking of pins I will show you the new one!

  1. Ok first go to the town.
  2. Then to the night club.
  3. And then go to the boiler room.
  4. Check near the boiler to see the pin(it is a compas pin).

And there you got it!Congratulations!

And while we are at the boiler room let’s check the newspaper:

If some of you don’t know here is the way to earn stamps:

And new events:

That was the last newspaper…but the new one shows a lot about stamps and other things:

But there are other news too!The newspaper is celebrating its 250 issues of club penguin times:

And the new events:

And I will give you a closer view of one of the events:

What do you think?Here are the clues:

  1. The compass pin.
  2. The event.

What do you think the climing will be?Please comment!And I will continue with the events in a secod part…Bye!

A lot of new things coming!

July 20, 2010

Hi penguins!Today i am ganna show you what’s new today and what’s coming up!Ok let’s start with today!

  1. The new field ops are here and there is a new type of game to earn the medal!
  2. The new instruments actualy came testarday but I didn”t told you…So go n the loghhous,grab an instrument and rock!

And here are some pictures:

The exact location is at the mine,the cleaning area,the computer in it…here is a picture if you don’t understand:

And by the way…here is a picture of the new instruments:

and the actual instruments:

(I can’t believe it!The cool instruments are finaly coming to the stage!)

Who is your favourite instrument of them?Mine is the tuba.But what are yours?Please tell us in the comments!

And now to the upcoming member stuf:

  • Make music at the Lighthouse: Starting today musical instruments will be available in the Lighthouse all the time, because we love to see you guys jam! 
  • Design your igloo: We know how creative you are with your igloos and we wanted to give you more. If you liked the T-shirt builder in Penguin Style, you’re going to love the new Better Igloos catalog.
  • Spy Phone Updates: EPF Agents will face greater challenges to keep the island safe in August. You’ll receive new Field-Op orders with more Spy Phone games to test your skills. Plus you’ll be able to obtain brand new elite gear with your medals! 
  • Earn Stamps: Stamps will be available for everyone, and we wanted to give members access to exclusive stamps and features. As a result, some of the harder levels in games will be made member only. The games that will be changing are Jet Pack Adventure, Catchin’ Waves, Thin Ice, Astro Barrier and Aqua Grabber. Don’t worry, everyone will still be able to play the first few levels.   

And this is all for today!aAnd by the way…I know something more about the stamps!Hre ut is:

  1. The games Jet Pack Adventure, Catchin’ Waves, Thin Ice, Astro Barrier and Aqua Grabber are ganna change a little!
  2. There are ginna be levels in the chamged games(the first few ones for non members and for members-all levels!)

And finaly did you notice that there is a new way of getting the medal in this field opp!I will show you in another post!Bye!

P.S.-I won’t be in town from 20-28(29)so I amvery sorry I could’t post the new things that are coming up!But when i return I will start again!For now I will let you know 3 things:

  1. The new stamps are coming om the 16th of July!
  2. The new stage is coming on the 13rd of July!
  3. Some new cool things are coming up next month!


Club Penguin-all stamps are added!

July 18, 2010

Hello penguins!I got good news!The  final stamp is added in the CP blog!And I think I have more suggestions what they’re ganna be for…Here is a picture:

And there are 3 more good news:

  1. We are ganna work together to get them!
  2. We are ganna have our own album to collect them and show them off!
  3. They are ganna be available for anyone(member and non member)and he has to work together sometimes to get them!

Wow!Every day in Club Penguin is just gettting better and better!And don’t forget that the lighhouse catalog is coming tomorow and the igloo catalog on the 22nd of July!Do you think the igloo with 2 floors will be available for buyinh already?I will update everything!Bye!

Have you noticed…?

July 17, 2010

Hey penguins!This is not a club penguin news…but have ou noticed that thre is one new thing in my blog from yesterday(the 15th of July)!I finaly have a hit/view counter!

A hit counter and a view counter is the same.A hit counter is a thing that counts how many views have you got so far!With this counter it is easier to count the views you got and make hit parties!And if you wanna have one too…just follow these steps:

  1. First go to this website:
  2. Then sign up for a hit counter by clicking on option number 1.
  3. Type in the detailes they ask you for and then proceed…
  4. It will say that your account has been created!But there is more…
  5. Type in the website title,URL,other detailes and proceed
  6. Click configure and install code!
  7. Click visible counterand proceed,then just skip the next one without typing anything
  8. Then select counter text(or you will not see it!)
  9. Then choose the text fomating.
  10. After you proceed is the most important part!From choose the install guide(1st option)select by wordpress)and proceed…
  11. Now finaly copy the code!Your code should look like this(if it doesn’t it means that you did something wrong!):

     12.After you copy it you go to,then my dashboard,appearance,widgets and then gran a text widget to the sidebar.

       13.And then you copy the code!Then go to your blog and it should look like this:

Thanks for reading my tutorial on how to put hit counter to your sidebar!Thanks for reading!Bye and remember to view and subscribe for more tutorials!

Two new stamps/stickers added in the blog!

July 17, 2010

Hi penguins!Did you notice that  2 new stickers appear in the blog last night!

What do you think still about them?I still think you hav to do something to get them and use them for something!And did you remember that they said something about the surfer penguin-coming july 26!Maybe the new stamps or stickers will be released then!Well we can only guess for now…but on the 26th of july the secret will be reveald!I am expecting commments for what do you still think ’till they are relesed!So please comment!Bye!

-by Greenocool10